How to Create a Landing Page with WordPress


A landing page is a web page that serves as an entry point of a website or section of website. This page is different from other pages as it follows different criteria’s. These pages lead a visitor into a customer and help different businesses. Landing Pages are often linked to social media, emails and search engine marketing campaigns. Websites can be effective changes in the advertisements. Many WordPress Beginners don’t have the knowledge to create a Landing Page. For further more guidance go through this tutorial. 

Create a Landing Page with WordPress using Leadpages

  • Using Leadpages is the easiest way to create a Landing page. Similarly, add them to WordPress websites. It can stand alone with or without WordPress Sites.
  • First of all, Sign up for an account. Likewise, the user can see it’s Dashboard. Click on the button ‘Create New Leadpage’.


  • In the same way, Choose a template. It offers beautiful templates designed perfectly as per the need and demand.


  • In fact, Users can Preview any template. After making a perfect choice, Click on the button ‘Use this template’. Simply Click on the items that need to be edited.


  • Images and text can simply be replaced as per the preferences of the user. Also, add new widgets if required. Click on the Page Layout tab to adjust different sections. Use the drag and drop option to adjust them.
  • Click on the button ‘Add Integration’ after Signing up to the landing page. Doing this is useful as it connects different apps along with Leadpages


  • Similarly, Click on the button Publish after making all the changes. Then the site will be live. Now, Switch to ‘Other publishing table’ to download the lead pages WordPress plugin to the site.


  • Install and Activate the Plugin. For further more guidance to install plugin go through tutorial install a new plugin.  
  • Click on the button Leadpages and then, Add New pages. Publish it as a normal landing page. Moreover, Choose the appropriate URL for your landing page. As a result, after finishing doing all these. Click on the button Publish.

Wrapping Up:

Choosing the Landing page can be a superb choice to drive traffic and increase SEO. Creating a landing page leads the customer to a specific product and encourage them to take action. Through this tutorial create a landing page in WordPress in a few easy steps to promote the site. Hope the information was useful. Please leave your suggestion, recommendation and questions in the comment section below.

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