How to check WordPress version?


WordPress is a content management system based on PHP and MySQL. It is associated with blogging and also supports other types of web contents. Most of the WordPress user asks “What version of WordPress do you use?” Finding it is important when you want to keep site secure or when installing new themes of plugins.

Importance of checking WordPress version:

  • Reduce the size of an application.
  • Supports easily adding new features.
  • To determine the present condition.
  • Offers custom functions and features.
  • Can Install improved versions.
  • Option to draft and revise the post.
  • Reduces the probability of getting hacked.
  • Updates free version of additional features.

Way to check WordPress Plugin version

  • The easiest and convenient way to know Plugin version is through the Admin Dashboard Firstly, Login to the Dashboard of your website. On the left side, you can see the Updates option.


Then at the beginning Users can see WordPress Updates where they can find out Last checked. If in case they want to get sure for double time. Simply, click on the button Check Again.


Then user can see which version of WordPress has been used for the site. With the Future Security Updates, Users can Re-install the new version which is mentioned in the Updates. In the below Screenshot we can see that the latest version is 4.9.8.


Within WordPress, Version Users can also know whether the Plugins and Themes are updated till the date or not…


Wrapping Up

This tutorial guides all the WP Beginners to check WordPress Version in the most simple and easy way. No coding knowledge is required in this procedure. Within a couple of steps, everyone can do so. Hope the tutorial was useful to all the viewers. You can leave your feedbacks and suggestion below.

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