How to Center Align a Video in WordPress?

How to Center Align a Video in WordPress

All of the users like a site which is well managed, professional, beautiful with systematically arranged. Whenever a text or images are Center Aligned they seem to be much more effective and well organized. Some times due to certain errors the width of the video appears in less space then article area. Most of the WordPress Site align it towards the left leaving much more unwanted space on the right side. To manage the site it’s important to Center Align a video in WordPress.

Many WordPress Beginners don’t have any idea about Center Align. So, they keep their site the way it is. But, doing it is just the task of a couple of steps. As per the request, this Tutorial helps all the WordPress Beginners and Users to Center Align a Video in WordPress.

Center Align a Video in WordPress

  • The easiest way is through adding a Shortcode in the embed part. So, add the shortcode mentioned below with care. Don’t make even a single mistake while adding it to the site.

    <div style=”text-align: center” ></div>

  • While adding it in the text it will look like something as shown in the Screenshot below. Also, switch from visual to Text. After Switching to the Text paste the code to place the YouTube Video wherever you desire of like.

Center Align a Video in WordPress

  • It’s it and you can get your YouTube Video as per your wish. It’s really important to select the width and height of the video in order to eradicate the problem of getting any kind of error.

Wrapping Up:

Center Aligning a Video is a task of a couple of steps. It makes the site look much more impressive as it manages the video format for the site. The users just need to write a single line code. It’s one of the easiest things to do in a site. But, be very careful and attentive while writing the code as there might be mistakes. A single mistake will make the coding wrong. You can also copy and paste the code in order to avoid any type of mistakes.

Hope the information was useful. Feel free to share. Please leave the recommendations below.

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