Ways to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance

Ways to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance

Almost every user wants to work with the site which has the fastest working speed. By, this the site appears more appealing among the users. If the owner doesn’t take the right decision it’s never possible to eradicate a sluggish site. WordPress Speed and Performance is really very important as best speed captures attention within a few seconds without any hassle. Unfortunately, many sites don’t have the knowledge to maintain WordPress Speed and Performance. As a result, this article can be helpful for them to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance.

Here is the best list to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance:


1. Check out the WordPress Website Speed

Ways to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance

Before finding any kind of solution it’s necessary to know the exact WordPress site Speed and Performance. In this case, it’s obvious to use helping tools to analyze the speed. After analyzing the speed and performance it will be much easier to improve it and lead towards the best. Here are certain tools to know exactly ‘How fast the WordPress Website is?’

2. Reduce the image size

Reduce the Image Size

Image size directly affects the Speed and Performance of the WordPress website. It’s possible for the users to reduce the image sizes. Sometimes it even reduces the quality of the image. So, be very careful while reducing their size. Be wise so that they won’t even affect the speed and images are also clear, bright and beautiful. The images can be optimized either by using a plugin or script. Doing this there will be an equal balance between the quality as well as file size.

3. WordPress Website should be updated.

WordPress Website Updates

Updating the WordPress website is the most important task to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance. Among them, the most important update includes the update of plugin, theme and WordPress platform. After updating the site it becomes more secure from the hackers. Updating the site never harms any kind of theme. Even if in case there is some error, the user can easily restore the site within simple few Clicks.

4. Refuse to Upload Videos Directly

Upload Videos

When the owner uploads a video, it can be viewed directly through HTML5 Player. But, always remember doing this can be really harmful to the site. While doing all these the backup sizes increases drastically sometimes. The safest way is to copy and paste the video URL to the feature called built-in video. It reduces the risk of being overcharged by different web hosting companies. Doing all these will Boost WordPress Speed and Performance.

5. Using Effective Plugins

Using an effective Caching plugin can be the most effective and safe way to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance. There are different Caching Plugins available in the market. It’s really important for the user to choose the most appropriate one. Caching plugin is really significant as it helps to change the loading site of the page quickly. I would personally recommend you to use W3 Total Cache as this is the best option among all the Caching WordPress Plugin.

6. Use Latest PHP Version


First of all, let us know ‘What is PHP?’ PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to develop websites and applications. Using the Latest PHP Version can be helpful as it helps to interact with many different database languages. It would be easier to interact with MySQL as well. So, firstly check out the PHP version that is being used in the site.

Wrapping Up:

There are thousands of things to observe and change to make a site SEO Optimized. When a site is Optimized properly it will be possible to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance in an easy, effective and convenient way. Here in this article, we have mentioned the most useful ones.  Hope the information was useful. Please leave all the recommendations, question and suggestions in the comment section below.

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