5+ Best WordPress WhatsApp Button Plugins

Best WordPress WhatsApp Button Plugins
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With over 1.6 billion active users in over 180 countries, WhatsApp is considered as one of the most popular social media application to communicate via live chat/call. Therefore, adding its contact button on your WordPress website can be a good to have tool to enable your visitors to contact you for the general inquiries, pre-sale queries and after-sale supports.

How to Add WhatsApp Contact Button on WordPress Website?

One of the easiest ways to add WhatsApp button on WordPress website is by using a WordPress plugin. It comes with different features and functionalities to integrate the WhatsApp button on different locations of your website. Also, you can utilize the customization and configuration provided by the plugin to personalize your WhatsApp contact button as per your preference.

Best WordPress WhatsApp Button Plugins

Now let’s talk about some of the best WordPress WhatsApp button plugins. These plugins are well tested and are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. Moreover, they come with easy setup and user-friendly functionalities to integrate WhatsApp chat button on your WordPress website without any coding knowledge.

WP WhatsApp Button

WP WhatsApp Button

WP WhatsApp Button is a simple and user-friendly WordPress plugin that allows you to add WhatsApp chat button on your WordPress website. It is packed with 10 ready to use button templates and 10 hover animation effects. Additionally, the plugin comes with 8 different position options to add the WhatsApp contact button on the most suitable location of your screen.

It is a fully compatible WP plugin that works well on all types of viewing devices, WordPress templates and browsers. You can simply configure and customize all the settings available to add responsive contact buttons without any coding knowledge. Moreover, the plugin is shortcode ready and allows you to add the WhatsApp chat box on any page, post or custom post type just by copying the generated shortcodes.

Great Features of WP WhatsApp Button:

  • 10 Pre Available Button Templates
  • 10 Different Animation Effects
  • Custom Color Options
  • Page, Post and Category Selection Options
  • 8 Button Position Options
  • Enable/Disable Button Text Option
  • Sticky Button
  • Add Button on Menu

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If you want to go with this plugin then, you can go through its step by step guide: How to Add WhatsApp Button on WordPress Website? for easy usage

WhatsApp Click to Chat

WhatsApp Click to Chat

WhatsApp Click to Chat is a best selling WordPress plugin to display the WhatsApp accounts of your team on the chat box. It allows you to embed a click to chat WhatsApp widget on your site to make the communication ease to your customers. Besides, you can also display the availability for each account as per the date and time you have set.

It is a highly customizable plugin that comes with different options to personalize your WhatsApp chat box. You can add the most suitable text and pick the best color. Moreover, you can also add pre-populated text on the contact button to make it easier for your users to start the conversation for any type of support, general inquiry and pre-sale question.

Great Features of WhatsApp Click to Chat:

  • Display WhatsApp Account of your Team
  • Supports Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
  • Add Contact Button on WooCommerce Product Page
  • Set Availability for Each Account as per Time and Days
  • Customizable Text and Color
  • Auto Display Button Based on Time Delay, Inactivity or Scroll Length
  • Add Pre-Populated Text
  • Shortcode Ready

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WP Social Chat

WP Social Chat

With 100,000+ active installations and a rating of 4.8 out of 5 in the WordPress repository, WP Social Chat is one of the best WhatsApp button plugins. This freemium tool will help you improve your customer service. It allows your users to start a conversation via WhatsApp directly from your site in one click.

With WP Social Chat, you can add unlimited agent accounts with their names and labels, and include a customized chatbox for each of them. You can also set custom messages for both users and agents. Finally, you have many options to customize the colors and text of the live customizer interface to match your site’s look and feel.

Main Features of WP Social Chat:

  • Allow your customers to start a WhatsApp conversation from your site in one click
  • Multiple team member accounts
  • Customize chatbox for each agent
  • Set a welcome message, custom message, or let customers type their first message freely
  • Customize the colors and layout of the chatbox
  • Choose where to display the WhatsApp box and customize the chat button
  • Button availability hours based on a custom timezone

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Click to Chat:

Click to Chat

Click to Chat has been empowering numerous websites with WhatsApp connectivity fueling their potential leads and sales. Websites that have installed the plugin can sport the WhatsApp icon anywhere on their site for any number of times. The icon can be displayed on a website in 9 different styles. The user can add personal images or GIFs to the icon’s display or can choose to deploy the icon to match with the website’s theme.

The plugin offers CHAT, GROUP CHAT and SHARE functionalities to its users. Designed to be displayed both on mobiles and desktops, this plugin can fetch a prefilled message along with the title of the product and the page’s URL from where the user clicks the WhatsApp button. The plugin can be shown or hidden respectively on a website owing to the admin’s work timings. The plugin is equipped with shortcodes to choose between the styles and to be displayed on a page of choice.

Features of Click to Chat:

  • 9 different styles for display
  • Sport a personal picture or GIF on the icon
  • Pre-filled messages and the page URL from the relevant page with product title
  • Sport WhatsApp icons any number of times
  • Display the icon in fixed or floating styles
  • User-friendly alignments to fix the icon’s place
  • Customizable icon to match with the theme
  • Simple pre-set configurations
  • Shortcodes to choose between styles and displays
  • WhatsApp Chat, WhatsApp group chat
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google Analytics

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WhatsApp Chat WordPress

WhatsApp Chat for WordPress

WhatsApp Chat for WordPress is one of the highly rated WordPress plugins for enabling WhatsApp chat directly on your website. It comes with simple yet powerful options to customize the WhatsApp button as per your need. You can select any color of your choice and style up the contact button according to your taste to make it a perfect fit for your WordPress website.

It is an easy to use WP plugin that comes with inbuilt shortcodes to add your WhatsApp anywhere you prefer. Moreover, the plugin is supported by popular translation plugins like WPML, Polylang to customize any language easily and quickly. Also, the plugin is compatible with the Gutenberg for adding your WhatsApp button on the latest Gutenberg block technology available on WordPress.

Great Features of WhatsApp Chat for WordPress

  • Click to Chat on WhatsApp
  • Supports Time Availability Options
  • Supports Multiple WhatsApp Accounts
  • Inbuilt Shortcodes Options
  • Can be Easily Customized
  • Different Button Position Options
  • Compatible Gutenberg Blocks
  • WPML, Polylang Supported

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WordPress WhatsApp Support

WordPress WhatsApp Support

WordPress WhatsApp Support is a responsive WhatsApp plugin for WordPress to establish quick and easy communication with your audiences. It comes with 7 ready to use layouts to add the most attractive WhatsApp chat box on your site. Besides, you can either include a single person or multiple person accounts on your WhatsApp chat button.

It is a fully customizable plugin packed with tons of options to personalize your WhatsApp chat box. You can easily create and add unlimited WhatsApp contact button and add them anywhere using the generated shortcodes. Besides, you can also play with color, text, pre-populated message, width of your WhatsApp chat button and place them as per your preference.

Great Features of WordPress WhatsApp Support:

  • 7 Ready to Use WhatsApp Button/Chat Box Layouts
  • Create and Add Unlimited Support Buttons
  • Highly Customizable
  • Dynamic Shortcode Generator
  • Pre-Populated Message
  • Contact Link Generator
  • GDPR Ready
  • WPML Supported

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WhatsApp Customer Chat

5+ Best WordPress WhatsApp Button Plugins

WhatsApp Customer Chat is a simple and powerful WordPress plugin to make communication with your customers fast and easy. It allows you to add a responsive WhatsApp chatbox to let your audience establish the communications directly from your customers. You can add the contact box on any of the 6 pre available positions provided by the plugin.

It is an ultimate WP plugin that provides you with full control over the WhatsApp contact button. You can add up to 4 user accounts on the chat box. Besides, you can also customize the color of the WhatsApp contact button and select the perfectly matching one for your WordPress website. Also, you add pre-populated texts for making the communication easier for your customers.

Great Features of WhatsApp Customer Chat:

  • Add Up to 4 Accounts on WhatsApp Button
  • Choose the Type to Contact
  • 6 Different Widget Positions
  • Unlimited Color Customization
  • Add Custom Pre-Populated Text
  • Auto Popup
  • Availability By Time and Days
  • Option to Request Call Back

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Wrapping Up

So, these are our collection of the best WordPress WhatsApp button plugins to embed WhatsApp contact buttons. These plugins are very popular with a high number of sales and well rated by their active users due to its powerful functionality and easy usability. So, you can use any of them at a reasonable price to enable the WhatsApp live chat/call feature on your WordPress website.

We hope the article is helpful for you to find out the best available WhatsApp button plugins for WordPress website. If you have any queries, suggestions or recommendations regarding the article then, you can write to us on the comment box below. Also, if you are an active user of any of the above mentioned then, you can share us your experience.

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