5+ Best WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Best WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Implementing Social Media Link into a website can be a fantastic way to build its social community. It enables your audience to connect with you socially which not only increases your social reaches also make the relationship with the visitor more reliable. People these days seem more active in social media than any other platform. If you integrate social media links on your website, it allows the visitor to connect directly via social media and keep them updated about your recent works. Active engagement through social media helps you to earn more credibility.

There are many other advantages of having social media links on your website. They are:-

  • Improvement of SEO Ranking
  • Increases Visibility of the Website
  • Enhances the Social Reach of the websites
  • Increases Link Building
  • Social Marketing
  • Direct Interaction with audiences

Due to the high importance of social media, many themes developer may include social icons by default on their themes. But they may lack the functionality of displaying social icons in various positions, style, and access to add all the social media links and so on. Besides, there will be very fewer customization options. Moreover, it may not be responsive and may not work properly on mobile devices. If you want to add social icon embedding your social media links at the location of your preference and make it look stylish/appealing we recommend you to use the WordPress Plugins that can be found on the internet. As they contain many customization options as well as position option for displaying social icons.

Some of the Best WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Now let’s talk about some of the Best WordPress Social Icons Plugins that I have handpicked according to its popularity, functionality and positive reviews given by their users. They also come with different options to configure your social icons and place them in different places of your website.

Let’s take a look at them on details:

AccessPress Social Icons Pro

AccessPress Social Icons Pro

AccessPress Social Icons Pro is a Premium Social Icons Plugins for WordPress that allows you to create various social icons and link them to your social profile from your website. It is fun to use a plugin as you can create, customize and build beautiful icons from the social media profile from your own.

The plugin comes with 26 beautifully designed icons set to select the icons for your social profile. Besides, you can also upload your own icons set and customize them in a different way and then embed them on your WordPress site. Also, you can define the position where you want to display your social icons as well.

Major Features of AccessPress Social Icons Pro

  • 26 Pre-Designed Icons Set
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Strong Customization Options
  • Option to Upload Custom Icons Set
  • High-Quality SVG Icon Set
  • Beautiful Social Sidebar
  • Create Multiple Icons Sets
  • Can be Placed Anywhere using Shortcodes

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Social Network Icons

Social Network Icons - WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Social Network Icons is the best WordPress Social Icons Plugin packed for your website. It comes with 15+ different customization layout to choose the icons that match your WordPress theme. Besides, the plugin is also fully compatible with WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer).

It is a fully responsive plugin that comes with more than 1000 icons. Each of the icons contains special colours and editable fields. Additionally, you can also customize your icons with custom hover effects and Custom CSS3.

Major Features of Social Network Icons

  • 15+ Social Network Icons Sets to Choose from
  • Fully Responsive
  • Special Color
  • Editable Field
  • 1000+ Icons
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • Custom CSS3
  • Multiple Social Icons on One Page

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Social Network Icons Plugin

Social Network Icons Plugin - WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Social Network Icons Plugin is one of the best Social Icons Plugin to showcase the links of your social profile on your WordPress site. It comes with 20+ social layouts for adding your social links. Besides, the plugin also contains special colours and editable fields to customize your social icons sets as per your preference.

It is an awesome plugin packed with unique designs and comes with 1000+ icons. Additionally, the plugin also comes with a layout builder to build your own custom layouts for your icon sets. Moreover, you can also fetch the preview of your icon set images after you build your custom layouts for it.

Major Features of Social Network Icons Plugin

  • 20+ Social Icons Links Layout to Choose
  • Special Colors
  • Editable Field
  • 1000+ Icons
  • Custom Hover Effects
  • Layout Builder to Create Stunning Layouts
  • Preview Images
  • Addon Library

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Social Media Icons

Social Media Icons - WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Social Media Icons is a simple but perfect WordPress Social Icons Plugin for linking your website to your social media accounts. The plugin comes 50+ predefined social icons set to provide you with the choice to match your social icons with your WordPress theme.

It is a highly configurable plugin that allows resizing your social icons set into different shapes and sizes to make it a perfect fit for your website. Besides, the plugin also contains 6 different styles to style up the social icons along with different colour combinations.

Major Features of Social Media Icons

  • 50+ Predefined Social Platforms
  • Different Size and Shapes
  • 6 Predefined Styles
  • Various Color Combinations
  • 100% Compatible with WordPress
  • User-Friendly Editor
  • 5 Icons Animations
  • Customizable Transparency

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Wrapping Up

You may still find lots of WordPress Social Icons on the internet. However, we listed only the Best 5 according to its popularity, functionality, and reviews by different users.

Hope the article is beneficial for you and allows you to find a perfect plugin for embedding your WordPress site with social icons. If you think we missed your favorite plugin on the list above then, let us know.

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