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5+ Best WordPress Popup Plugins 2022

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup has become quite famous for many bloggers and webmasters in recent days. It is one of the best ways for enhancing the user engagement of a website. The main work of a popup banner is to collect the email address of your visitors and increase your site’s email subscribers. Besides, they can also be used for displaying your offers/deals, contact forms, etc. However, popups can sometimes be irritating and can drive away your visitors. Thereby, the popup banners should be created with an easy escape/cancel button so that, they don’t annoy the visitors.

Some Important Uses of Popups on Websites

Popups have different uses on a website. Some of them are as follows:

Collecting Email Addresses: One of the best use of popup is gathering email addresses and build a subscriber list.

Increasing Social Media Follow: Popup can be an essential tool for increasing your social media fan base. A beautifully designed popup can convince your visitors to like/follow your social media profile.

Displaying Offers/Deals: One of the effective ways of displaying your offer is via popup banners. It is because popup displays your offers in an eye-catching way and can effectively grab the attention of your visitors.

Site Direction: Popup can be used for the site directions as well. As sometimes your visitors may click on your linked popup and reach your custom destination.

Exit Intents: It is one of the interesting and exciting as you can display an exit message to your visitor when they are about to exit your content.

Some of the Caution that Should be Taken While Using Popup Plugins

Here are some of the cautions that you need to take care of while placing popups on your website.

  • Make Sure that your Popup Doesn’t Slow your Website
  • Display Well-Designed and Beautiful Popups
  • Display Right Popup at the Right time
  • A/B Tested

Some of the Best WordPress Popup Plugins

Now, let talk about some of the Best WordPress Popup Plugins that I have collected according to their functionality, popularity, and positive reviews. They are well tested and work well with any type of WordPress theme. Besides, they contain multiple designs and customization options that enable you to build beautiful Popup Banners in a few minutes.

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Let’s take a look at them in detail:

WP Popup Banners Pro

WP Popup Banners Pro - WordPress Popup Plugins

WP Popup Banners Pro is an Ultimate WordPress Popup Plugin that allows you to create amazing popups for engaging your site visitor with popup banners and enhance your site’s usability. It comes with 40 beautiful and sleek templates that let you create unlimited numbers of popups on your website. Additionally, the popups you created will have page wise configuration option. It means the plugin will provide you separate popup options for each page/post/custom post type.

It is an easy to use WordPress plugin that comes with drag and drop custom theme builder. Through the custom theme builder, you can create a popup using the custom theme and add various editable components such as normal text, bullet text, dropdown text, etc. Besides, the plugin also supports images, videos, social links, etc.

Major Features of WP Popup Banners Pro

  • 40 Elegant Template Layouts
  • Unlimited Numbers of Popup
  • PageWise Configurable Popup Banners
  • Drag and Drop Custom Theme Builder
  • Internal/External Marketing Mail Integrations
  • Popup Positions

Live Preview  Purchase WP Popup Banner Pro

Layered Popups

Layered Popups - WordPress Popup Plugins

Layered Popups is a Premium Popup Plugins for WordPress that allows you to create your own multi-layered animated popups on your site. It comes with over 200 professionally designed templates for creating unlimited popups. Also, the plugin comes with a custom theme builder option. Hence, you can create a popup from the pre-designed templates or by using your own custom templates.

It is an easy-to-use plugin that comes with tons of features. With the help of an advanced targeting system, you can adjust to how and where you want to display the banner. It can be on posts, pages, products, and custom post types filtered by using available taxonomies. Through popup, you can add email subscriptions, show your offers and discounts, link your social profiles, etc.

Major Features of Layered Popups

  • Unlimited Number of Popups
  • 200+ Professionally Designed Templates
  • Multi-Layered
  • Custom Layer Duration/Animation
  • Social Button Supported
  • WPML and Multisite Supported

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ConvertPlus - WordPress Popup Plugins

ConvertPlus is the all in one Popup Plugin for WordPress that enables you to transform your website into a lead generation powerhouse. It allows you to build beautiful multipurpose popup banners in minutes that can be used for email subscription letters, social follow links, and many more. Besides, the plugin also comes with tons of customization options. Hence, using the customization options you can configure your popups and make them fancier than ever.

It is a world-class optimized WP plugin that contains 10+ display positions. Also, the plugin contains 100+ beautifully designed readymade templates for choosing the perfect popup banners for your WordPress site. Moreover, you can also display your popup by using any of the 12+ different visitor behavior triggers and filters.

Major Features of ConvertPlus

  • 100+ Beautifully Designed Readymade Templates
  • 10+ Popup Display Positions
  • 12+ Visitor Behavior Triggers and Filters
  • Mobile Specific Popups
  • Integrated with Form Builder for Visual Composer
  • A/B Testing

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Optinly WordPress popup plugin

Optinly is an easy to use goal-based WordPress popup plugin that comes with advanced features in the free basic version. The goal-based approach is what sets Optinly apart. All one has to do is, choose a goal for your popup campaign (from the 10+ growth goals), select a popup template from the stack, set triggers, and make it live.

The plugin is quite easy to use – with a clean user interface and a user-centric approach, popups can be created on the go. With Optinly on board, you can grow your email list, reduce cart abandonment, promote special offers, and do pretty much anything you want to!

Major Features of Optinly

  • 60+ highly responsive goal-based templates
  • 6 different types of popups.
  • Exit triggers, device-based triggers, page-based triggers, etc
  • Inbuilt popup editor
  • Spin the wheel popups and popup launcher
  • Popup transition effects
  • 15+ ESP and API integrations

Live Preview  Purchase Optinly

Master Popups

Master Popups - WordPress Popup Plugins

Master Popups is a powerful WordPress Popup Plugin that allows you to create the multipurpose popups banners such as modal popups, full-screen popups, slide-in popups, inline and widget popups, etc. It comes with 40+ pre-made templates that let you create popups easily with few clicks. After creating the popup you can place them on any type of posts/page contents.

The plugin is made with a fully responsive design and fits perfectly on the mobile device. It is a modern plugin that allows you to display in 7 different trigger modes. Using any of the trigger modes you can elegantly display your popup. Besides, you can also set the target of the place where you want to display your popup banners.

Major Features of Master Popups

  • Unlimited Number of Popups
  • Background Settings
  • Entrance and Exit Animations
  • Overlay Settings, Colors, and Opacity
  • Customizable Preloader
  • Different Popup Size: Width, Height, or Full-Screen Popup

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Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups - WordPress Popup Plugins

Ninja Popups is one of the most popular Popup WordPress Plugin that enables you to create popups effortlessly for news subscriptions, social follows, recommendation items, and many more. The plugin allows you to create unlimited popup banners and after creating the popups, you can add them to any pages, posts, or custom post types of your website.

It is an easy to use and fully responsive popup plugin that comes with tons of configuration options. The plugin comes with 70+ pre-designed responsive templates and you can choose any of the templates for your popups. Besides, the plugin also supports a custom theme builder that allows you to build popup using the custom theme layouts.

Major Features of Ninja Popups

  • 70+ Pre-Designed Templates
  • Unlimited Numbers of Popups
  • Custom Theme Builder Supported
  • Highly Customizable
  • Translation Ready
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking Integration

Live Preview  Purchase Ninja Popups

Wrapping Up

So, I tried to write up about how can popup be used on a website. Then, I told you about some of the cautions that you should take for displaying your popup in an effective way. After that, I presented you the collection of some of the best and well tested WordPress Popup Plugins for creating beautiful popup banners.

Hope, the collection is helpful for you to find a perfect popup plugin. Let us know if you have any suggestions, recommendations or queries related to the articles. Also, if you think there is any plugin that  should be mentioned in the above collection, then share it with us.

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