The Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins to Enhance your Web Speed

Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins to Enhance your Web Speed

Images are the important part of your website. It’s the first thing that attracts the readers and helps to drive traffic to your site. The images should be relevant as well as well-optimized for the web.

However, using high-resolution images makes your site looks really appealing but it’s also true that high-resolution images are larger in size. If your site images are larger in size, this can slow down your website by losing a number of users. Not only that it’s really bad for your site loading speed which will directly affect your site SEO too.

Image Optimization is the advantageous technique that is used by bloggers on their WordPress blogs which helps to load your website in a shorter period of time. It is the quickest way to provide the better user experience. That’s why it’s really important to reduce the file size and compress the images before uploading on the site.

Why Is Site Speed Important?

In general, the site speed is described as the amount of time that is taken to load your site no matter on what page you are on which may include images, contents or any other additional features. As we all know that the page that loads faster rank higher compare to the page that takes too much of time to load. So here is the importance of site speed:

  • If your site loads faster, you can get the first impression of the visitors directly that helps to make an instant judgment on the business that you are doing.
  • When it comes to well-known sites your visitors will tolerate a small delay but if you are doing a small business or startups then you don’t have that luxury to connect with the users if your site takes a longer time to load, so speed is the most.
  • People visit your website if they are looking for something, so in that case, the loading speed of your site should be the number one priority when it comes to user-experience and try to give the services as quickly as possible.
  • The 40% of the people will abandon your site if it takes longer than 3 seconds. So, the slow speed drives the people away which automatically drive your sales away.
  • Your potential customers will slowly vanish and will stop to refer your services to others because of a poor experience. The slow speed put people off signing up for your newsletter.
  • If your site is slow then Google is less likely to pick up your latest blog or notice any other updates which will automatically affect your Google ranking.

But before using the plugin you must be sure that your images should be only big when it needs to be and after that compress your high-resolution image to a low resolution which will help to speed up your website. And another thing is your images should be given a relevant name that directly helps to appear in search engines that helps to boost your SEO.

Some Of The Popular Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Why waste the resources and time when it’s possible to reduce the image size without hampering its quality? Optimizing the images is the best way to provide a better experience by reducing the size and loading it faster.

There are dozens of image optimization plugin available for WordPress but we have selected the plugins which can help you to optimize the image and perform an overall website performance in a better way. The listed plugins are carefully handpicked on the basis of its popularity, users reviews and ratings.  So here are the lists:

Compress JPEG & PNG ImagesTiny Compress Images-Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Are you fed up with the loading speed of your site? Don’t worry here we have the best plugin called Compress JPEG & PNG Images for you. The plugin automatically optimizes the new images on upload and resize the large original images by setting a maximum width or height. You will get a multi-site support with a single API key which is compatible with WooCommerce, WP offloads S3 and WP Retina 2X.

It helps to preserve copyright metadata, creation data and GPS location in the original images. You can easily see the usage from the media settings and also during bulk optimization. There is no limitation of file size, any sizes can be compressed easily but no discernible quality loss will be noticed.

Features of Compress JPEG & PNG Images:

  • No file size limits
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Supports compression of animated PNG
  • Color profiles are translated to the RGB color space
  • Dashboard widget with your total saving
  • Multi-site support with a single API key


Imagify Image OptimizerImagify-Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Imagify is one of the popular image compression tools that you can directly use in WordPress. This plugin is launched by the developer of the WP Rocket plugin. It can directly resize your image without degrading your quality. And you can easily install this plugin though you are not engaged in the technical field.

This plugin consists of three levels of compression that are normal, aggressive and ultra. You will get a free support from the forum if you have any difficulties or queries with the plugin. You can restore your images to the original one or optimize them to another compression level with the help of backup options. Apart from the compression, the most amazing part of this plugin is an interface.

Features of Imagify Image Optimizer:

  • Retina ready
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Three levels compression
  • Supports JPG, PNG, and GIF
  • Resize the images on the fly
  • Compatible with NextGen Gallery


EWWW Image OptimizerEwww Image Optimizer-Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Another amazing free image optimizer WordPress plugin is EWWW Image Optimizer. This plugin will increase your page speed with the help of image optimization. If the speed of your page is smooth and good then it results in better search engine rankings and also improves conversion rate. You can get the guideline if you have any difficulties while using the plugin.

All the images can be easily optimized from a single page by using a bulk scanner which includes a media library, your theme and a handful of pre-configured folders. The images that are uploaded and cached by FooGallery are automatically optimized.  The plugin is tested regularly to ensure the compatibility with multilingual sites.

Features of EWWW Image Optimizer:

  • Bulk Optimize
  • WPML Compatible
  • Automatic resizing
  • WebP conversion
  • Fast optimization
  • Offers both lossless and lossy image compression


Smush Image Compression and OptimizationSmush-Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

Smush is a modern and clean free image optimizer WordPress plugin where you can optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques. You can easily set the maximum height and width and the best part is that the large images will automatically scale before being added to your media library.

With the help of this plugin the advanced compression stats, pre-attachment and library totals can be viewed. This plugin is super easy to use with a simple compression software settings. By using this plugin it helps to load your site faster and rank your site higher.

Features of Smush Image Compression and Optimization:

  • Optimize any image on any directory
  • Global and individual settings for multi-site
  • Compatible with media library plugin
  • Process JPEG, GIF, and PNG image files
  • Smush all standard web-size images 1 Mb or smaller
  • Optimize your images using advanced lossless compression techniques


ShortPixel Image OptimizerShortPixel-Free Image Optimization WordPress Plugin

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is another popular free image optimizer WordPress plugin with more than 50,000 active installation which is simple to use, comprehensive and stable. After the installation and activation of the plugin every JPG, GIF, and PNG you upload will be directly optimized and another thing is that it doesn’t enable you to turn off the option at all where the most of the other plugins do.

The plugin helps you to choose between lossy and lossless compression method with a single click on media library. You can easily optimize any types of images on your site including the images in NextGen Gallery or any other images or slider. This plugin works great for eCommerce websites by using WooCommerce or other plugins.

Features of ShortPixel Image Optimizer:

  • CMYK to RGB conversion
  • Works well with both HTTPS and HTTP websites
  • Compatible with WPML and WPML media plugin
  • Option to deactivate auto-optimizing images on upload
  • Compress GIF, JPG, and PNG a well as PDF documents
  • Functions great with NextGen Gallery Foogallery and any other galleries or sliders


Wrapping Up

Here, we have compiled the list of top 5 free image optimizer WordPress plugins which are popular and unique. We have tried to give some details about why image optimization plugin is needed and how it can help your website to run smoothly and rank higher in Google.

Hope you like the above mentioned plugin that has many powerful features which functions really well.

And if you have already used these plugins then feel free to share your experience with us or have any queries related to the plugin you can comment us below.

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