Best WordPress Development Tools & Plugins in 2022

Best WordPress Development Tools and Plugins
Best WordPress Development Tools & Plugins in 2022

Are you searching for best WordPress Development Tools and Plugins?

WordPress is the most popular system for creating and managing content today. This CMS is at the heart of more than 39,5% of all sites on the Internet, which is constantly growing.

WordPress often is used to create a blog or own site. However, you can easily convert a WordPress site to an online store, portfolio, news site, or distinct resource types, or even trading platforms like safetrading.

An essential feature of this platform is its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. If you are able to use Microsoft Word, you can quickly get the job done with WordPress. It turns out that with WordPress, anyone can create and publish their content without any problems!

In our search for the best plugins and tools, we analyzed a large data area to eventually write this article where you can find the very best tools and plugins for working with WordPress.

5 Best WordPress Technologies You Should Use in 2022

Best WordPress Development Tools & Plugins in 2022

By tools, we mean not only software but also technologies and WordPress developer blogs. It is crucial to remember that this CMS, one of the oldest on the market, is widely recognized for its extensibility and ease of use. 

Given the record number of sites powered by this platform, it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking at WordPress development as their career.

At the same time, the system is constantly being developed and updated. It means that everyone who works with it should also receive new knowledge about technologies and tools for working with WordPress.

Even if you are a beginning WordPress user or already a professional, you always need to be aware of updates to this platform.

So, what tools for WordPress are relevant now? Let’s get straight to these details.

1. Visual Studio Live Share

Visual Studio remains popular with developers across all disciplines. Microsoft made it one of the best WordPress development tools of 2022 this year with the Live Share extension for VS Code and VS 2017.

This extension will allow you to instantly share your project with colleagues, no matter what language you are programming in or what OS you are working on.

2. React.JS

For several years, the REST API has been added to the core of the WordPress system. And it means that developers can now create WordPress themes using technologies other than traditional PHP but still stick to the conventional approach if they find it more convenient.

3. Storybook

We could not ignore a tool that can significantly help those who start their work with WordPress from scratch. Storybook is a tutorial on creating UI components from scratch using Angular, Vue, or React. It is one of the best WordPress development tools of 2022 because it is simple. 

You can create a functional task block with commits at the end of each chapter in just two hours. If you’re looking for a way to master the basics of creating user interface components, this plugin will come in handy.

4. My Browser FYI

The peculiarity of this tool is its simplicity and, at the same time, the ability to create complex elements. It is truly one of the best WordPress developer tools of 2022. If you’ve ever had to debug a browser-related issue, you’ll love this tool. 

If you’ve ever had to poll users for information about a browser, this tool will be a real lifesaver for you. The roadmap includes checking for ad blockers and determining the connection speed.

5. Bootstrap

This design framework helps you create responsive themes. It uses a 12 column grid based on Flexbox and contains a number of built-in classes to render all standard web elements such as buttons, sliders, dropdown menus, etc. By adding Bootstrap to your sites, you can have cross-platform compatibility, error-free code, get fast development speed, and don’t install unnecessary plugins.

Well, in our opinion, there are many more decent tools for working with WordPress. Still, even if you start using only these tools described above, your work with WordPress will already become more accessible and more efficient. These tools support the trends that Forbes wrote about last year: chatbot integration capabilities, multipurpose themes, video backgrounds, and more.

Top 15 Best WordPress Plugins in 2022 

Best WordPress Development Tools & Plugins in 2022

Now let’s turn to plugins and a list of those plugins that can significantly facilitate your work with WordPress.

In WordPress, you can choose from more than 58,000 plugins to create your page. Of course, having so many plugins is a good variety of choices. However, finding the right plugin for your website is highly time-consuming in the end. An optimal set of WordPress plugins and tools can help you grow your online business.

You may study the WPAll Club platform that provides you with a list of 500+ best free plugins. As well, the platform reviews the premium WordPress plugins you can try.  

What are the criteria for a plugin worthy of your attention? In our opinion, it must meet specific criteria: 

  1. Be compatible with the latest version of WordPress
  2. Updated frequently and up-to-date
  3. Be able to resolve and not create problems

Let’s find out about the best WordPress plugins you should try in 2022.

1. Health Check

If there are problems, then this plugin knows precisely how to fix them. And it relates to more than just debugging. This plugin allows developers to save time by generating reports highlighting configuration issues, including PHP, MySQL, etc. We put this plugin first because even the WordPress tech support team uses Health Check to troubleshoot issues.

This plugin has a dedicated troubleshooting mode that allows you to troubleshoot issues affecting certain logged-in website users by disabling plugins and using the default theme.

2. CSS Hero

It is the best plugin for customizing the frontend part. CSS can be complex and time-consuming during the development process, so a plugin that makes customizing CSS easier and faster is an absolute godsend for a developer. The great thing about CSS Hero is that you can control real-time settings for all elements of your website, including fonts, colors, Unsplash, and prebuilt snippets. That said, Safe Editing is installed here, which does not modify theme files and creates regular checkpoints for saving.

3. Wordfence

This plugin is the best for ensuring the security of the page. Wordfence has a wide range of features that are capable of protecting against malware and attacks. Key features of the plugin:

  • Endpoint firewall providing superior protection against malicious traffic and attacks.
  • Security scanner that analyzes and detects a malware, code injections, backdoors, and much more.

Threat Protection Channel that offers updated firewall rules and malware signatures.

4. WPForms

WPForms is a pretty handy plugin for creating feedback and contact forms for WordPress. The plugin contains a drag-and-drop online form builder. It also makes it easy to create contact forms, email signup forms, online order forms, payment forms, and more. WPForms interacts with all popular marketing and payment platforms. It allows you to create effective forms in less than 5 minutes.

5. Optinmonster

It is perhaps the most popular conversion rate optimization software on the market. This WordPress plugin and the app will help you get more email subscribers and sales quickly.

With a drag-and-drop builder, everyone can easily customize each subscription form or campaign template.

6. SeedProd

This plugin does a great job of dragging and dropping pages for WordPress. Thanks to its functionality, you can easily customize your website design and create your page layouts without writing any code. This plugin allows you to customize landing pages in minutes without using web development services like those performed by IT companies like MLSDev.

Plus, you can choose from over 100+ beautifully designed templates here or create a fully customizable layout from scratch.

7. MemberPress

This plugin is a must for anyone building their online courses, communities, and membership sites using WordPress. Without exaggeration, we can say that this plugin is the best for creating such functionality. With MemberPress, you can make subscriptions and limit content for users, depending on their type of subscription. Also, this plugin works with all popular payment systems and online stores using WooCommerce.

8. WP Rocket 

As you know, the speed of loading a page on the Internet is a crucial factor for site visitors. As the best cache building plugin, WP Rocket helps to ensure good page load, thus enhancing the performance, load times, and speed of your WordPress site without any technical skills. The key point about this plugin is that WP Rocket automatically crawls the page and builds a cache for your website, resulting in an instant performance boost.

9. RafflePress

A convenient and accessible way to instantly increase traffic on your site, receive more followers in social media as well as email subscribers with the help of giveaways, gamification elements, and contests.

RafflePress is excellent for driving social media traffic. It encourages users to follow your social media profiles and share gifts with their friends to get more entries for the competition. It will help you increase your social media engagement.

10. WooCommerce

It is the most popular WordPress eCommerce plugin used by over 5 million websites. Such a plugin is essential for online stores. Recently, thanks to the popularity of the WooCommerce functionality, even its ecosystem with dedicated hosting has appeared.

11. WPML

There is no way to create a multilingual website quickly in the default WordPress settings. If you are working in a multilingual environment, you will need a plugin to help solve this problem. WPML is a multilingual WordPress plugin that makes it easy to create multilingual websites using WordPress. It is effortless to use, SEO-optimized and helps you create content in different languages quickly.

12. Nextiva

This plugin is necessary for those whose communication on the website is related to telephone services. It is one of the best business phone services in terms of features and ease of use. They allow you to get a work phone number for your website, including advanced call routing, unlimited free internal calls, voicemail to email or text, online fax, and more.

13. Shared Counts

This plugin is helpful for those who actively interact with social networks. Nice social media buttons and repost counting will help make your website social and advertising proof. The advantage of the plugin is that it surpasses its competitors in terms of convenience and quality of work, and at the same time, is free.

14. Uncanny Automator

It is another excellent plugin for WordPress automation. It allows you to plug in existing WordPress collaboration plugins without writing any code, so you can automate routine admin tasks and save time/money. This plugin also allows you to coordinate the work of your other plugins. It looks like a good idea for anyone who needs to connect two separate WordPress sites for collaboration without writing any code. Usually suitable for working with online stores.

15. PushEngage

This plugin helps to implement push notifications on WordPress. The service allows you to send targeted messages and ads to your website visitors using browser push notification technology. Push notifications have consistently ranked among the top 5 traffic sources for WPBeginner.

For eCommerce website owners, PushEngage can automatically trigger cart abandonment notifications, price drop alerts, inventory notifications, and more.

To Sum Things Up: Choose Your WordPress Tools

Best WordPress Development Tools & Plugins in 2022

There is a reason why WordPress powers 35% of the entire Internet. It is an amazingly versatile platform with a massive variety of plugins, which means you can customize it precisely to your needs, no matter what kind of business you are in. 

Based on your type of business you want to run on the WordPress platform, you may need a specific plugin to create your web platform.

A WordPress developer should always keep up to date with the latest updates to this platform. Getting to know modern frameworks, libraries, and the best WordPress development tools should be part of a developer’s daily routine.

For instance, recently, on the Techcrunch platform, a new functionality from WordPress called P2 was previously announced. The system improved communication for private groups with this development will clearly add popularity to WordPress.

And you just got some excellent tips on how to improve your WordPress experience. Thus, turn your WordPress site into a smooth-running machine!

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