Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Are you looking for one of the best website builders for your small business?

A professional website is one of the major sources to attract investors, customers, readers, and partners to your WordPress website. But, investing thousands of dollars or hiring a developer just to create a website might be difficult for a WordPress beginner as they don’t have many sources of earning. So, in this article, we will let you know the best way to create an awesome online website without spending a lot. 

Customers online can learn and know about your business better through your online website. If you have decided to use a website builder then believe me you have taken a giant step toward the right path. Even if you are a beginner don’t worry as you don’t need to have any coding knowledge while using website building software. 

There are multiple website builders available in the market. To make it easy up to you we have compared the 8 best website builders available out there. Go through the article and choose the one that meets all of the requirements of your website. 

Benefits of Using a Website Builder

Before selecting and using one of the best website builders on your WordPress website, let’s get to know about its benefits in detail: 

  • Website Builder makes it easier to maintain the website. When you maintain your website and stay updated there is more probability that your audience will get new and exciting news, information, features and products. 
  • You don’t need to hire any developer or a web designer. Also, you don’t need to get tangled with the technical task as your website builder will do it for you. 
  • No problem if you don’t have any designing talent. Simply choose a pre-designed template that fits your needs in the best way. Still, if you are not getting what you exactly want, customize the templates so it fits your needs and style. 
  • Website Builders enables you to add different functionalities to your website with a library of free applications and tools. You can use Premium or Free applications as per your requirement. 
  • A good website builder enables you to stand out among the crowd. You can use attractive elements, user-friendly design, amazing features, customization options and a full library of choices to create the most professional, simple, clean website. 

Best Website Builders Vs Hiring a Developer

When you want to choose between website builders and a developer remember that money plays a great role. Website builders are affordable which costs you $2 to $5 per month whereas developers simply cost more than $10,000. 

With website builders, you can set up, run, and build a website just within a day but developers might take a lot more time as compared to website builders. Developers have to start from the very beginning which will probably take more time. 

There are no unique designs while using a website builder as the same template might be used by many users. This might make your website look similar to the others. You can customize the available options to make it much more unique. But when you have a developer, you can use designs that are 100% responsive and unique. 

Personally, I feel the best part about using a website builder is that you can have full control over the design, customization, using features, and much more as per your requirement. But, unfortunately, that might not be the case when you hire a developer as a developer might create a website that you don’t like.

Anyways both website builders and developers have their own pros and cons so you need to choose which one you want. 

Best Website Builders for your WordPress Website in 2022 

Let’s take a look at the below-mentioned website builders which are suitable for all WordPress users (Beginners and Professionals). Evaluate them properly along with their pros, cons, pricing, and much more. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

WordPress is a free, open-source website creating a platform. It is best for people who don’t have any idea about Javascript, CSS, HTML, and PHP. 30% of the website built online are built with WordPress so it is one of the most popular website creation tools. 

Although Wix and Squareship have left WordPress behind with its user-friendly nature, it still remains updated and relevant with its powerful features and customization options. The best part of using WordPress is that it comes along with the limitless plugin option and amazing blog options. 

Likewise, there are two versions of WordPress:

  • is premium so you need to pay a monthly fee in order to receive the hosting. It comes up to limited options. However, is more recommended as many businesses host their website using instead of

This software is free itself and provides an updated and upgraded version for almost every six months to one year. So, WordPress makes it easier for all users to create an amazing website with ease. 

All you need to do is create a WordPress hosting account and host your website as per your wish and requirement. It has tons of theme options, an amazing built-in blog, powerful features, and functionalities for eCommerce solutions. 

Advantages of using WordPress: 

  • Provides a ton of features and customization options. Credit goes to robust 3P plugin community
  • Guides to improve SEO which will make your website rank at the top of different search engine 
  • Very simple and easy to get started 
  • Comes up with amazing support to solve your problem, answer your queries and recommend some amazing changes
  • Amazing reviews and has a great reputation

Disadvantages of using WordPress:

  • Costs extra to add some features using the available Premium plugins
  • Need to get more familiar with the new system and manage it on your own
  • Has too many limitations while implementing each plan
  • You need extensive customization for better results
  • Might not be completely free as you need to budget for a domain name and web hosting


Despite the fact that WordPress is free you need to pay money for the separate hosting. You also need to pay for the premium plugin and themes. So it might cost $100 for the setup. The price actually depends on your use and requirement. If you control the cost it might not cost you even $100.

Applicable for:

WordPress is applicable for website managers, designers, online businesses, bloggers, writers, and much more. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Wix is a popular cloud-based website that is most flexible with the editor. Not even a single drag and drop builder is comparable with it. Select the best theme from the 800+ option and get yourself the builder that makes your website responsive, professional, clean, and much more. 

Create a stunning website with animation, video backgrounds, and parallax setup without using even a single line of coding. If you have a small business and want to create a website as per your wish then Wix is the perfect option for you. 

It might take more time to build a website but you can get into web design to create an original website that doesn’t match with others. Wix has been around since 2006 and serves its users with a simple and straightforward website builder. 

Choose the template for your website from hundreds of professionally pre-built templates. Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) will enable you to build a website in no time. Due to its amazing speed, the website will appear on your visitor’s website within a few seconds. 

Its editing interface lets you design your site by dragging and dropping text boxes and images wherever you want. However, you need to be very careful when you choose a template as you can’t use a different template once you publish your website. Be sure to have a happy experience with Wix!

Advantages of using Wix: 

  • An advanced feature like an eCommerce storefront can be integrated into your website with ease
  • Website made using Wix looks great on all devices
  • Provides unlimited editing options, advanced customization options, option to replace image and text as per your requirement
  • As it is a fully hosted platform you don’t need to pay for hosting
  • Includes all exclusive package like SSL

Disadvantages of using Wix: 

  • Removes all the advertisements only when you decide to upgrade your website to a premium one
  • You might find it difficult if you decide to move your website from Wix to any other one. Similarly, it’s not easy to switch to a new theme
  • Might not work well for a large business website
  • Lacks a live support chat option
  • Some functionality might be hidden due to tab and sidebar menus


The combo plan starts from $11 for a month, $14 for an unlimited plan, $29 for a VIP plan, $20, $25, and $35 per month for Business plans. However, if you want to add an eCommerce storefront it will cost you $17 more every month. 

Applicable for:

Wix is highly recommended for users who wish to design their own website and develop a web design experience.


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

GoDaddy is an amazing website builder with 300+ themes, plenty of editing options, selling integration with marketplace like eBay, Amazon, and a shopping cart. It has expanded its domain and hosting services in order to include a website builder for small businesses. 

Control all your marketing activity from a single interface with ease. Additionally, it provides comprehensive native analytics tools. GoDaddy comes up with a Drag and Drop editor, awesome blog option, eCommerce compatibility, mobile app, gallery, automatic backups, and support options (24/7 Live Chat, Phone, and Help Centre). 

It provides you with a toolkit to build your website, social media, blogging, SEO, and run all of your email marketing. You require minimal effort to create a website due to the availability of its awesome ADI feature. GoDaddy offers 100+ themes and its new theme customizer enables you to preview your new theme in 20 different styles without losing any content.

Likewise, due to its less flexibility, it is more applicable for a simple small business website that can be created quickly. It is found that 76% of users will recommend GoDaddy to other users who are thinking of creating an online business website. 

In simple words, GoDaddy is a very simple and easy-to-use tool to create a professional website. Likewise, it comes preloaded with several ready-to-use blocks that can be dragged and dropped to build different layouts. 

Advantages of using GoDaddy: 

  • As it is mobile responsive customize your site using a phone or tablet
  • Provides relevant content suggestion to your website visitors
  • GoDaddy has a low starting cost for the users
  • Includes integrated photo library with professional images from Getty Photography that can be used in your website
  • Offers more customization options than the other fast website builders

Disadvantages of using GoDaddy: 

  • Doesn’t include rich features and functions as most of the other best website builders included in this article
  • Offers limited design options
  • Can’t access the full SEO features on the free plans as SEO is not so optimal
  • Has a lot of good as well as bad customer reviews
  • You cannot add third-party extensions to this builder


The personal plan of GoDaddy starts at $5.99 per month, the business plan at $9.99, and the business plus plan for$14.99. 

Applicable for:

GoDaddy is applicable for all users who want to build a small business website using an easy site editor. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Squarespace is a fully-featured website builder that focuses on quality over quantity. As it has advanced designing tools, there is a deeper learning curve. The built-in functionality enables you to track your customers, create gift cards, accept credit card payments, and much more. It operates most of the functions on its own, unlike other best website builders which require a plugin. 

It offers you to register a domain name for free with your annual subscription. Even if you are a complete beginner you will get along with Squarespace as it is user-friendly with dozens of designs and templates to choose from. Likewise, it is fully hosted so it keeps your website completely updated. 

All the tools that a small e-store would want are available in Squarespace. Additionally, it enables you to create striking, clean websites with ease. Drag and drop method of building is used to arrange all the things as per your requirement. 

Choose your best theme from numerous and admitted beautiful themes. Different types of photo galleries are available which are compatible with all tablets and mobile. It has awesome designs that fit with all types of content. It has one of the best templates of most of the other builders in the market. 

Select the best tool to make your website – customize grids, tweak page layouts, multiple website theme colors, amazing design tools, powerful and flexible editor, 20 premade integrations with popular business tools, 30+ connected services, and much more. Trust me it can be the best choice if you want to create a website quickly. 

Advantages of using Squarespace:

  • Fully editable. Also allows to use multiple templates for the same website at once
  • Provides you with best collection of built-in site templates
  • Enjoy the unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth
  • Get an SSL certificate, web analytics and eCommerce features with the basic package
  • Detailed onboarding process will help you to start

Disadvantages of using Squarespace: 

  • Has comparatively more steeper learning curve
  • Doesn’t have impressive page speed
  • Offers limited integration with third party service which is a great drawback
  • Disables you to add additional payment gateways
  • It isn’t free so you need to go premium


The personal plan of Squarespace costs you $12 per month, $18 per month for a business plan. Online stores cost either &26 or $40 per month. 

Applicable for: 

Squarespace is the best option for users who want to design a site along with a little bit of help and training. Use it to design your website and make your website look professional as well as visually appealing. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Shopify is one of the best and popular website builders for small businesses. It is a fully-fledged website builder for an eCommerce business that enables you to set up an online store in a couple of minutes. Your customers can get an amazing shopping experience on whatever device they visit your website. 

Likewise, it supports 100+ third-party payment gateways and seamless integration with different social media accounts. Also, it offers an integrated payment solution Shopify Payments which enables you to accept credit cards from your customers. 

Provides you unlimited products, powerful stats, easy marketing solutions, inventory management, and much more. It is suitable for users who want to focus more on their business than site-building. Get 5500+ options to integrate the features in the Shopify app store if you need any extra features. 

If you are still confused just know that there are 1 million active users in Shopify that powers awesome businesses. Overall products worth 40 billion dollars have been sold on this platform for a better user experience. 

Even WordPress Beginners can manage their website with ease using Shopify. Choose the best modern website template that meets your needs and customize each page with a drag and drop builder. The best part is that you can integrate Shopify in WordPress that enables you to use these great two platforms at the same time. 

Advantages of using Shopify:

  • Provides all sales features you need, some built-in features and the rest available via add-ons
  • Has relatively higher custom satisfaction scores
  • Amazing choice for social media integration
  • Hosting is included in all inclusive package
  • Great templates and core system. However it still doesn’t exclude you to get full reachability over codes

Disadvantages of using Shopify: 

  • Includes only limited templates and design options
  • Costs relatively more if you use a 3P payment gateway, might not be really suitable for beginners with less budget
  • Charges 0.5 to 2% more while using an external payment gateway
  • Not so suitable if you want to move your website to another platform
  • Your site might look similar to others due to the use of same templates


The Shopify Lite costs $9 per month, basic Shopify costs $29 per month. Similarly, Shopify costs $79 per month. Whereas Advanced Shopify and Shopify Plus cost $299 per month and &2000 – $40,000 respectively. 

Applicable for:  

This platform may be applicable to those website owners who focus more on sales rather than design. Also, it is useful for new sellers and beginners. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

BigCommerce is one of the best website builders that offer beautiful and professional designs along with amazing features. As it is a standalone eCommerce platform you can either set up a store as per your own requirement or integrate the storefront in your WordPress website. It powers Ben & Jerry’s, Camelbak, Skullcandy, and many other famous online stores. 

This website builder comes with tons of out-of-the-box features. As it is fully hosted you don’t need to worry about website security, updates, and speed. You can get started with only a pre-made website template and customize it using the easy-to-use drag and drop website builder. 

BigCommerce integrates with all popular payment gateways including ApplePay, PayPal, Stripe, Visa Checkout, Chase Pay, Ayden, and much more. Provides you with a lot of amazing SEO options which will help your site rank at the top of different search engines. 

Offers you more than 80 designs for different kinds of industries, all of the designs look great and work well on all devices, and are fully responsive. Beginners can get started following the educational video courses and 24/7 live support through email, chat, and phone. 

You can get connected with third-party applications from their app store. As it has 99.99% uptime, you won’t lose customers to glitches that bring your site down. Likewise, it is integrated with Google Shopping so you can bring new customers to your store through Google. 

Advantages of using BigCommerce: 

  • Has great technical aspect for managing a website as per your requirements
  • Includes advanced sales options like cart abandonment tools, product reviews and coupons
  • Comes with plenty of marketing features, product recommendations, gift certificates and coupons
  • Offers relatively more built in features than other website builders
  • Easily customizable for creating unique looking stores

Disadvantages of using BigCommerce: 

  • Upgrade to more expensive plans in order to enjoy more features
  • Has a very steep learning curve
  • Extremely difficult to migrate from BigCommerce to any other plan after it has been setup once
  • No mobile app
  • Design option are not so great as compared to other mentioned in this article


The standard plan of BigCommerce starts at $29.95 per month. Additionally, it also has 15 days free trial. The plus and pro ones cost $79.95 per month and $249.95 respectively. 

Applicable for: 

BigCommerce is applicable for eCommerce brands that are thinking of expanding and enterprise retailers. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Weebly is a middle-ground eCommerce website that makes onboarding easy with its step-by-step guide. Its beautifully crafted page builder will enable you to edit your website with ease and without any coding knowledge or use of HTML. All the designs can be edited using the live page editor. This platform has over 40 layouts, so take your time and choose the one which is most applicable to you. 

It is jam-packed with some essential website tools such as custom fonts, on-site search, native image editor, and integrated analytics. The active team works hard enough to keep this website builder updated and load you with more amazing features. Get more than 200 high-quality apps. Some apps add advanced features like accounting, live chat, customer testimonials, appointment scheduling, and much more. 

As Weebly is fully hosted you won’t ever get bogged down in the technical details while running your website. Likewise, it offers you a free plan that allows you to use a free subdomain of The site storage is restricted to 500MB in the free version so you need to upgrade to the premium version of your site files take more than 500MB storage. 

Despite the abundant number of features if you still miss something you can add custom HTML/CSS or JavaScript code snippets to your website. You can sell the product of your website using a native Square integration. 

The drag and drop nature of Weebly makes it pretty easy to use it. All you need to do is select an element then drag and drop it wherever you want. Go get this amazing website builder straight away!

Advantages of using Weebly: 

  • Includes more design features such as photo galleries, sliders and contact forms than most of the standard website builders
  • Has an extremely easy to use Dashboard that are suitable for even the beginners
  • Consistently rated among the best DIY website builder for all users
  • Provides helpful support and SEO guides along with amazing Social Media integration options
  • Inclusive package includes hosting and backend support

Disadvantages of using Weebly: 

  • Includes some unnecessary codes which might affect the SEO performance of your website
  • Fewer customer service options
  • You must upgrade your website to premium version in order to disable the advertisement
  • No 3P Addons so you just have few option that Weebly offers
  • Has only limited number of templates


It comes up with free and three premium plans. You need to pay $6 per month for a personal plan, $12 per month for a professional plan, and $26 per month for the performance plan. 

Applicable for: 

Weebly is perfect for all the users who want more design that is easy to use as well as user-friendly. 


Best Website Builders for Small Business Compared

Duda is one of the best website builders that has been serving its users since 2008 with improvement in each and every step. Its drag and drop builder makes it easier to move elements around the page and update the text boxes. Also, it has a template library and the ability to create user journeys. 

It offers over 90 templates so take your time and choose the one which is the most appropriate one for your website. In fact, there are two areas where they manage so they can outshine their competitors. You can also create a multilingual website. Duda is extremely easy to use, includes stylish templates, and has its own unique personalization tool. 

You can place items within certain areas on the page in the most visually appealing way. Also, you can display videos about your services to the users who are visiting your website for the first time. 

Duda can be considered as a solid middle ground between customization and convenience. It offers the website personalization tool which enables you to show fully customized content to your visitors. 

Despite the fact that Duda is the most expensive builder, it provides the best feature so you won’t regret using this website builder. There is no free plan but you get a 14 day free trial period for the premium ones. Hence, it offers the best analytics capabilities and branded marketing materials that are rare in any other website builder. 

Advantages of using Duda:

  • Offers over 90 templates that are designed in the best way possible
  • Has more thorough customization options as compared to other faster builders
  • Enables you to display videos about your services to engage more customers to your website
  • App store for extra features
  • Provides best marketing strategies, awesome design and professional outlook to your website

Disadvantage of using Duda: 

  • Takes more time to build a website due to more complex site editor
  • You need to add SEO techniques yourself which require a lot of research
  • No app store for the easy integration of third party applications
  • Isn’t too modern or minimalist
  • Price are more steep as compared to other website builders


Duda is somehow the most expensive builder with $14 per month for the basic plan, $22 per month for a team plan, and $44 per month for an agency plan. 

Applicable for: 

Duda is suitable for users who want a fast and easy-to-use site builder. 

Wrapping Up: 

We hope this article helped you to find the best website builder that meets all of your requirements. 

If you have used any of these website builders then please feel free to share your experience. Additionally, if you have any queries leave them in the comment section below. 

Also, go through our article “Difference Between Gutenberg and WordPress Page Builders” 

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