5+ Best WordPress Google Places/Business Review Plugins

Best Premium WordPress Google Places/Business Reviews Plugins
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In today’s digital age, reviews have become one of the essential factors to make a place/business popular. According to Vendasta, 88% of people around the world trust an online review as much as personal information. Hence, having positive reviews help your business gain additional exposure and enhance its credibility.

Positive Reviews vs Negative Reviews

After your company starts to provide the services, customers are either satisfied or dissatisfied. In today’s digital world, customers usually take their experience directly to the web. If your customer expresses positive experiences, then the review will enhance the company’s status through social media. This will encourage others to take the service provided by your company. But if the experience is negative then, the company should respond quickly to overcome the negativity by providing better services.

In either way, the review of your business can be considered as an opportunity to provide a better service.

How do positive reviews effects on the mindset of peoples?

A positive review of a place acts as a great decision-maker among the people. Before visiting a place, 92% of the people read its review. So, if a place has good reviews then, peoples are bound to make a decision to visit that place. Hence, positive reviews can act as a very critical factor for people to choose their destination and spend their precious time.

Advantages of having positive reviews towards business

  • Increases Trust among Peoples
  • Free Advertisement for your Place
  • Constructive Criticism and Suggestion
  • Increases Conversion
  • Improvement in SEO Ranking in Google

How can you make a review available on your business website?

The online review can be made available on the website by using the WordPress Places/Business Reviews Plugin. If you are looking for free places/business review plugin that has basic features you can find them in the WordPress repository. And if you are looking for the plugins containing ultra features then you can jump into the plugin marketplace Codecanyon.net.

Having good places/business review plugin on your website

  • Allows you to display the positive reviews, ratings, testimonials, etc
  • Gives your customer the opportunity to express their words about your business
  • Ensures your website’s bright side is visible to the targeted public
  • Leaves a good impression on your audience thus, creates better brand awareness
  • Boosts your customer loyalty and affinity and get them truly convinced
  • Increases your brand fame, boost sales and ultimately grow the corporate revenue

Popular Premium WordPress Google Places/Business Reviews Plugins

After talking a lot about the reviews, its importance and its impact on business and people, we have enlisted a great collection of Best Premium WordPress Google Places/Business Review Plugins. The plugin mentioned below contains great features and can be bought at a very reasonable price.

Let’s learn about them in detail:

Everest Google Places Reviews

Everest Google Places Reviews - Best WordPress Plugin to Showcase Google Places Business Reviews

Everest Google Places Reviews is the Premium WordPress Places/Business Reviews Plugin for displaying Google reviews. The plugin allows you to display up to 5 business reviews. It comes with 10 pre-designed templates for viewing business review along with user rating and 5 available badges for displaying business information.

The plugin allows you to create unlimited Google business places. So, if you have a business located in multiple places, the plugin allows you to create multiple reviews for different locations. It is a perfect plugin for displaying the reviews of localized business restaurants, retail locations, franchises, land firms, lodgings, hotels, and hospitality, etc.

Some of the Main Features of Everest Google Places Reviews

  • Options to Create Unlimited Google Business Places
  • AutoComplete with Google Place Search
  • Cache Settings to Prevent Frequent API Calls
  • Advanced General Options
  • Unlimited Customization of Custom Designs
  • Rate Us Settings

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Google Reviews Business

Google Review Business - Google Place Business Review Premium WordPress Plugins

Google Reviews Business is a Premium WordPress Business Reviews Plugin that allows you to display the Google business on your website. It contains a unique feature of storing the review on the WordPress database and is independent of any services to show the review in the widgets.

The plugin allows you to display up to 5 Google review per location. If you have multiple locations for your business, it is a perfect plugin as you can add an unlimited number of locations for displaying the review.

Some of the Main Features of Google Reviews Business

  • Google Rich Snippets (schema.org)
  • Trims Long Review with “read more” link
  • Custom Business Place Photo
  • Minimum Rating Filter
  • Pagination, Sorting

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Google Places Reviews Plugin

Google Place Review Plugin - Google Place Business Review Premium WordPress Plugins

Google Places Reviews Plugin is a Premium WordPress Google Places Reviews Plugin. The main work of this plugin is to showcase your business reviews and ratings on your website. The plugin uses shortcodes and widget to import the business information from Google+, Google places to the website.

The plugin can display the review of your business place in 3 ways i.e. default shortcode, 5 Star Rating only, or in Slider type.

Some of the Main Features of Google Places Reviews Plugins

  • Showcases your Business Profile Brightly
  • Provides Multi-Option Review Widgets
  • Option to Display Only Positive Reviews
  • Optimized Widget with Cache to Save Loading Time
  • Highly Customizable Options for Displaying Brand Elements

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Wrapping Up

So, I tried to tell about the reviews, its importance and the impact that it creates to the mindsets people and business. Then we talked about some of the Best Google Places/Business Reviews Premium WordPress Plugins. These plugins are carefully hand-picked and will be useful for uplifting your current business.

Hope the article is helpful for you. If you have any queries related to the article or plugin listed above, feel free to tell us about it. And if you are a WordPress site owner and have used any of the listed plugins, feel free to share your experience with us in the comment box below.

If you are looking for more WP plugin, check out our ultimate collections of 500+ Premium WordPress Plugins for 2018.

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