5 Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App

Best Plugins to Convert a WordPress Site into a Mobile App
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Are you looking for some best plugins to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app? Then, yes this is the place where you can find you are searching for. In this post, we have made a collection of best plugins to convert a WordPress website into a mobile app. You can take your business to the next level and more user engagement by converting your website into a mobile app.

Reasons why you need to convert your WordPress site into Mobile App

Here are some of the reasons why you need to convert your WordPress website into Mobile App:

Works Faster
The Mobile App works faster than the website. An app helps to store the data in the mobile devices that make it easier to retrieve data and deliver enhanced user experience.

Offline Capabilities
Though mobile apps need an internet connection to perform the majority of their operations, they also come with the capability that offers basic content and functionality to their app users even in offline mode.

Enhanced Personalization
Mobile apps offer enhanced personalization where users are served with customized content. Also, it analyzes user behaviour and engagement, making recommendations, and updates based on it.

Improved Visibility
The users spend more time in the mobile app than on the website which will be helpful for businesses in improving their visibility through apps. Also, it helps to influence the user’s perception of a certain brand by providing them with the necessary content.

Easy to access navigation

It is really difficult to interact with your users on a website. So, it is very important to convert a website into a dedicated app that allows your users to access navigation which is not possible on the website.

Regular Connectivity
With a mobile app, you can stay connected with your users 24/7, from anywhere, and any device but with a website, it is impossible.

The Mobile App has the ability to send instant notifications, many other innovative features and one-tap access to business contacts this is why businesses worldwide are joining the app bandwagon.

How to Turn WordPress Site into a Mobile App

Creating a mobile app lets you interact with users as well as improves customer relations. Also, you can gather the reviews for your app where you can get more awareness for the brand. People can reach your content with just a tap on your app icon when they download your app. So, if you are looking to turn your WordPress site into Mobile App then there are some plugins that will help you out. You can easily convert your site into the app within a few minutes which will not cost you more.

So, let’s have some of the plugins that will help to convert WordPress site into a Mobile App:



AppPresser is an app builder plugin that specializes in integrating WordPress. This plugin is the best way to create Android mobile apps that will integrate with WordPress. It comes with several WordPress themes and plugins that will perform special functions. It is built with a highly skilled team by spending many hours.

This plugin is for those who are in need of the apps for their business, or for working with the clients. It allows you to build an app from any type of WordPress website. Some of the examples are Membership apps, BuddyPress apps, WooCommerce apps, Nonprofit apps, LearnDash apps, and more.

Major Features:

  • Push notification functionality
  • Design navigation as a pull-out menu or tabs
  • Create custom pages from any content on your site
  • WordPress plugin and extension compatibility
  • No “mobile app” skills required

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wappPress is the plugin that is perfect to convert a WordPress site into a mobile app. It is the most cost-efficient platform that allows converting your WordPress website to Android App instantly in just a few steps easily. You will be able to explore the infinite possibilities such as customized icon, shortcodes support, push notification, screen, monetize your app features, theme designer, and many more. Simply, you can publish it on Google’s Play Store and let others download and use your app after building the app.

Major Features:

  • Launcher screen
  • Launcher Icon
  • Different homepage for the app
  • Push notifications
  • A different theme for the app

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WPMobile.App is a plugin that allows you to create a mobile app or a progressive web for your WordPress website. With the help of this plugin, you can easily purchase a single lifetime license to build your app.

It comes with an easy tool that helps you to upload your buttons, colours, app icons, translations, and more. It is fully compatible with all the popular WordPress plugins and also supports Google Analytics, built-in caching, and offline content.

Major Features:

  • Great compatibility
  • Very easy to publish
  • Native mobile app
  • Customization options
  • Best support team

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Wrapping Up

WordPress is one of the best user-friendly platforms for building websites with its easy to use functionality. And all the above WordPress plugins come with the ability to convert a WordPress site into a Mobile App. These plugins are the best way to extend the market share of your website to a mobile niche.

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  1. There are many plugins that can convert your website to an app but choosing the best plugin can help make your app look better. Although great options are mentioned in the article, you can also go for the AppMySite WordPress plugin to convert your website to an app


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