5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins

Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins

If you want to have more traffic on your website then I’m sure the free WordPress Social Icons Plugins will be the best option for your site.

These days many people are active on social media compared to other profiles. So, promotion is an essential element that enables your visitors to connect with your business account socially. This will help to keep your visitors updated with your recent works by posting it and as well as helps to boost the social engagement of your business.

Many WordPress themes are built with social icons plugins but these themes may lack some of the features like to display the follow button on various styles, positions, fewer customization options and also, may not be responsive with all the devices. So, it’s best if you use the social icons plugins on your site that helps you to add stylish and visually appealing social media icons on your site perfectly. And also, these plugins comes with many customization options too.

Some of the Popular Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins

There are many types of social icons Plugins which may be a daunting task for you to choose the right one. So, to make you easier I’ve compiled the collection of best Free WordPress Social Icons plugins that comes with amazing features and options like stylings and customization options for social icons on your WordPress website. Let’s have a look on the list:

AccessPress Social Icons

accesspress social icons - 5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
AccessPress Social Icons – Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugin

AccessPress Social Icons is one of the best free WordPress social icons plugins that is perfect for adding various social media icons on your website and also link them to your social profiles. This plugin contains options to create multiple-instance icons in multiple places. It includes 12 beautifully designed icon sets to choose the most attractive one for your WordPress website. The plugin is fully responsive and users friendly with different upgrades available.

Major Features:

  • 12 Beautifully Designed Icon Themes
  • Upload your Own Custom Icon Sets
  • Strong Customization Options
  • Includes very Interactive User Interface
  • Easy Integration and Easy Reordering of Icons

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Easy Social Icons

easy social icons - 5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
Easy Social Icons – Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugin

Easy Social Icons is a feature-rich free social icons WordPress plugin that is suitable for uploading your own social icons or FontAwesome icons. This plugin is inbuilt shortcodes to add multiple social icon sets on anywhere on your WordPress website. It is simple to use and setup and link with different social networks. The plugin includes different styling options and customization options to make your social icons attractive. And it enables the users to use shortcode in pages/posts, templates tag, PHP file, and Widget.

Major Features:

  • Over 100+ FontAwesome Icons
  • Add/Edit/Delete Options for Icons
  • Display Social Icons Horizontally or Vertically
  • Easily Sort/Order your Social Icons
  • Configure the Height/Width of Social Icons

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WP Social Icons

wp social icons - 5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
WP Social Icons – Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugin

WP Social Icons is an easy to use free WordPress plugin that is ideal to add different social media font icons on your website as it includes over 260 font icon. The plugin offers different designs where the customers can customize the plugin to match the site designs easily. The users can use the shortcodes to display the social icons beautifully on your website.

Major Features of WP Social Icons:

  • Easy to Use Admin Interface
  • Choose from 260 Font Icons and configure the Size
  • Ability to Add Shortcodes on Widgets
  • Add Any Social Network Based Social Icons
  • Use Shortcode to Display Social Icons Anywhere

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Lightweight Social Icons

lightweight social icons - 5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
Lightweight Social Icons – Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugin

Lightweight Social Icons is simple, and lightweight free WordPress plugin that is perfect for displaying the social profile icons of your favorite social media. This plugin includes different types of icon fonts so, you can choose the size, color, border radius, and hover color of your icons. It is easy to install with two methods of downloading through Dashboard and Folders. You can configure the tooltips and also add different hover over animation on your social media button perfectly.

Major Features of Lightweight Social Icons:

  • 40+ Social Media Network Supported
  • Choose Custom Icons and Alignment of Icons
  • Set Image Size and Set Border Radius
  • Configure Background Color
  • Choose Icon/Text Color on Hover

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Social Icons Widgets

social icons widgets - 5+ Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugins
Social Icons Widgets- Best Free WordPress Social Icons Plugin

Social Icons Widgets is an amazing and elegant free WordPress plugin that can be used to add icons with links to your social profile from different social media networks. This plugin comes with 4 icon sets that give you the possibilities to use the widgets. It contains Global Color Picker to change the color of icons with Padding and size options. You can use the generic icons to link anything that you want and add them on any page, post, or custom post type on your website.

Major Features of Social Icons Widgets:

  • 80+ Different Social Media Network Supported
  • 400+ Custom Icons and Retina Ready Icons
  • 5 Icons Sets and 2 Icon Styles
  • 3 Background Styles and Color Picker
  • FontAwesome Integration

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Wrapping Up

This is the collection of some of the best WordPress social icons plugins. These plugins include beautiful designs, useful features and many customization options to add social icons on your website. All the above plugins are carefully handpicked and are well tested.
If you have any queries with the above themes or have any suggestions then feel free to comment us below.

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