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5+ Best Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins (Handpicked Collection)

5+ Best Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins (Handpicked Collection)

As a webmaster, you might want to add lots of media to make your WordPress website visually appealing and engaging. While doing so, your website might contain thousands of media files and the default media library provided by WordPress might become unorganized and messy. Additionally, you might also face difficulties searching for your old media. So, to save for time search for your media files and keep your them in an organized way, using WordPress media manager plugins can a great option.

Here, in this article, we will be talking about some of the best free WordPress media manager plugins available on the repository. These plugins are well tested and contain different features to create folders to place your media files in an organized way. Moreover, they come with drag and drop intuitive to add your media files on their respective folders quickly and easily.

The Best Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins:

WP Media Manager Lite

Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins: WP Media Manager Lite

WP Media Manager Lite is a free WordPress plugin for managing your media files. The plugin lets you create folders and subfolders to add your media files in the most organized way. Moreover, utilizing the drag and drop interface, you can easily drop your media files into any folders as per your requirement. Also, the plugin supports media gallery shortcode extension to showcase your images in a beautiful gallery.

Major Features of WP Media Manager Lite:

  • Intuitive Drag and Drop Interface
  • Multiple Folder/SubFolder Creation
  • Sort, Filter or Order Media Files
  • Media Gallery Extension
  • Responsive Gallery Theme
  • Single File Design Customization Option

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File Manager

File Manager

File Manager is a highly rated WordPress plugin that allows you to easily edit, delete, upload, zip, copy and paste your media files directly from your WordPress dashboard. It is built with flexible yet powerful options to provide the easiest WordPress media management solution ever. You can easily add any files into folders/subfolders and search it from anywhere using the search functionality provided by the plugin.

Major Features of File Manager:

  • Various Operations Available for Files and Folders
  • Drag and Drop Interface to Move Files/Folders
  • Easily Achieve and Extract Files
  • Upload Files of Any Size
  • Full Control Over File Upload
  • Easy Preview Common File Types

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Media Library Category

5+ Best Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins (Handpicked Collection)

Media Library Category is a versatile WordPress plugin that lets you use categories on WordPress media library. After the plugin is activated a dropdown of the category will appear in your media library. From there, you can easily change, add or remove the category of any media files at once using bulk action. Additionally, you can also filter your category using the inbuilt gallery shortcode available.

Major Features of Media Library Category:

  • Add/Edit/Remove Categories from Media Items
  • Change the Category of Multiple Items At Once Using Bulk Action
  • Inbuilt Category Option and Management
  • Add Filter on Category
  • Taxonomy Filter
  • Add Filter Using Gallery Shortcodes

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Media Library Folders

Media Library Folders

Media Library Folders is a free WordPress plugin to create folders on your WordPress media library. The folders will make it easier to organize your media files by allocating them to your folder. You can organize the media folders as per your preference to easily let you find any media files whenever it is required. Moreover, the plugin also comes with a nice drag and drop interface to easily move/copy your media files to any folders or subfolders.

Major Features of Media Library Folders:

  • Create Folders for Media Files
  • Add Labels to Organize your Media Folders
  • Easily Move, Copy, Rename and Delete Files and Folders
  • Nice Drag and Drop Interface
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Sync Folders/Files While Moving or Uploading Folders Via FTP

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FileBird is a free WordPress media manager plugin that provides you with the ability to organize your media files by adding them to their relevant folders. It can easily manage and organize thousands of media files with ease using its drag and drop interface. In order to add your media files, you just need to create the folder and drag your media files in it. Moreover, the plugin also gives you full control over the files and folder.

Major Features of FileBird:

  • User-Friendly Drag and Drop Interface
  • Smart Context Menu
  • Full Control Options on One Toolbar
  • Supports Different File Types
  • Compatible with 3rd Party Plugins
  • Multilingual and Translation Ready

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Wrapping Up

The default WordPress Media Library is suitable for the website that contains less amount of media files. However, once your website will start growing and you start uploading lots of media on daily basis then, the features provided by the inbuilt media library might not be enough. So, to enhance its functionality and create folders to allocate media files, using Free WordPress Media Manager Plugins would be a great option.

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