Top 5 Free Frontend Post WordPress Plugins

Best Free WordPress Frontend Post Plugins

Previously, posting content was like going through the hurdles. For the user/visitor who wants to publish or submit their any content, had to go through the hectic process of registration, wait for approval, log in to the dashboard and so on. It takes lots of effort and time. Also, giving backend access to a large number of users is not good always.

But no more. Frontend Posting Plugin has made it easy. Frontend Posting Plugins are those plugins that allow your visitor/user to submit information, news, reviews, articles and any other contents right from the front end. You can easily add front end submission feature in your WordPress website and allow your visitors to post or submit content in the simple, convenient and fastest way.  

In this article, here we present you the list of top 5 best free WordPress Frontend Post Plugins. These plugins are the most downloaded and feature -rich plugin in WordPress repository for front end submission function.   

AccessPress Anonymous Post

AccessPress Anonymous Post

AccessPress Anonymous post is a simple and secure WordPress plugin that allows your visitors guest posting/front end posting/posting without login to your website. It lets the user post their content in easy and customized way.

You can also enter the tags for the post and also customize the post status. The plugin allows you to post from anywhere on the site and add the featured image as well.It allows the user to choose the specific category and has an option to show and hide field like post title, post content, post encrypts etc easily from the front end. It is very user- friendly and responsive.

Features of AccessPress Anonymous post

  • Option to enter the tags  for  the post
  • Both logged in and not logged in user can submit the post from front end.
  • Ability of field selection
  • Ability to send email notification to admin after successful posting
  • Supports featured image to the post
  • Allows anyone to post from anywhere.
  • Customizable, simple and user- friendly

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WP User Frontend

WP User Frontend - Best WordPress Frontend Posting Plugins

WP user frontend is simple yet feature-rich free WordPress plugin for your website. This is an amazing plugin that allows your user to submit the content from the front end of the site. It allows you to create the new post, edit their profile all from the front end of the website so that user does not have to go to the backend of the WordPress website.

It allows the user to submit anything like: files, images with the post, data entry with multiple choice menu so that users can update their post from front end.As an admin, you can restrict the level of the user in accessing the dashboard and you can set the status of submitted content and make it go live after you approve.

Features of the WP User Frontend

  • Allows user to create the new post and edit it from the front end
  • Option to use anywhere with the help of shortcodes
  • Allow user to edit the profile from frontend
  • Option to set the user level in the dashboard.
  • Allows admin to set the status of the new post, configure to publish, draft or pending.
  • Supports feature image for post, upload attachments and allows user to edit or delete post
  • Allows admin to manage user from frontend

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User Submitted Posts

User Submitted Post - Best WordPress Frontend Post Plugins

User submitted posts is another popular free WordPress plugins for front end posting.It allows your user to submit their post, content in the simple and easy way without going to WordPress dashboard.

This plugin helps you to display your submission from via template tag, shortcode or widgets as per your requirements. The plugin offers the unique way required for creating the quality post, title, content, category as well as multiple image upload feature in the form so that user can directly publish the content from the front end of the website.

Features of User Submitted Post

  • Allows you to edit text, link, images and other content.
  • Allows you  to auto display the custom  link and images
  • Include use of template tag, shortcode or widgets to display up from anywhere
  • Built in TML5 submission form
  • Support 35 action/filter hooks for advanced customization
  • Option to set the post any status: pending, draft, publish
  • Simple option required user to be logged in to use the form
  • Included Google ReCaptcha
  • Easy to setup and use

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Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager - Best WordPress Frontend Post Plugins

Advance Access Manager is extremely powerful free WordPress plugin that has simple and secure front end content management option. It allows you to manage the specific areas of your site like the post, page categories, widgets or menus for the specific user.

And it offers you to manage access based on GEOlocation and IP, manage capabilities so that you can create, update, delete any user and also you can track any user activities on your website.

Feature of Advanced Access Manager

  • Included an option to manage post  and categories
  • Allows you to track your user or visitors activity on your website
  • Option to define custom login and logout
  • Option to manage backend menu, capabilities, GEO location and IP
  • Allows to filter the list of meta box and widgets on both frontend and backend
  • Allows you to create your own teaser, filter or replace the block of the content with shortcode

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Frontier Post

Frontier Post: Best WordPress Frontend Post Plugins

Frontier Post is a powerful WordPress plugin for enabling your user to add, edit, delete posts and media directly from the frontend of the website without letting them access to your WordPress admin dashboard.

It comes with highly configurable options for letting your users to create their post using PressThis and edit them in Frontier Post. Besides, the plugin also contains different widgets and inbuilt shortcode to add your submission form on anywhere on your WordPress website.

Features of Frontier Post

  • Add/Edit/Delete posts, pages and media directly from frontend
  • Different widgets
  • Categories per role
  • Widget to enable post creation link on categories archive page
  • User defined templates for forms

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Wrapping Up

These plugins are the perfect options to choose from. They come with all the required features needed for the quality posting.

Besides these, you might have seen other ones that work well for WordPress. If it’s the case, do favor me by mentioning them below. I will highly appreciate it.

Or got anything to say about these plugins? Feel free to write to me.

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