7 Awesome Features of WordPress

7 Awesome Features of WordPress

Globally, WordPress has emerged as a powerful content management system. Hence, there are millions of active users of WordPress today. Although depending on your requirement you can opt for shared, VPS, reseller, managed dedicated server, or cheap dedicated server hosting.

From individuals to organizations, we can see that the use of the WordPress platform to create websites has drastically increased. However, still, there are many of them that you have not heard about on this platform.

WordPress has some of the best features that make it a favorite among users. In this post, we are highlighting some of the overlooked features of this WordPress platform. Read on to know more.

Amazing WordPress features to Know

1.   Screen Options to Show/Hide Things

If you have closely observed the WordPress admin area, a menu button called screen options is in the right corner. This option is used for hiding/showing items on the admin screen that users are currently viewing.

Many newbies in the web development domain are unaware of this feature. This option includes different checkboxes and sections of the admin screen. So, you can alter the number of items to display on the admin screen. The Admin user can display, hide, and customize sections on the screen.

2.   Reusable Gutenberg Blocks

Do you have a habit of using the same snippets in WordPress posts? If yes, reusable Gutenberg blocks are the right feature for you. It allows users to save a content block and reuse them in other web content. Hence, if you want to use any content section, later on, this block feature will save time. Also, if users want to avoid redundancy of content in these blocks, follow the given below steps and accomplish the task.

●       Select the block

●       Click the three dots available in the toolbar

●       Click on the “Add to Reusable Blocks” options

●       Name the new block at your convenience

●       Choose to Publish and save the block

3.   WordPress Dashboards Widgets

One of the primary WordPress features is the dashboard widgets.

For those who are unaware of dashboards, it is a screen that you are greeted with after the login. Users can add widgets to the dashboard that gives an essential overview of websites’ performance. These dashboard widgets include the latest WordPress news, quick posts, statistics at a glance, and many others.

Many plugins include a dashboard widget. For instance, a plugin may give you a snapshot of how many subscribers you received in a particular period or total. Moreover, Users can hide inappropriate dashboard widgets using the screen options discussed above.

4.   Sticky Posts

Sticky notes act as a good reminder of resources in our real life. However, it is limited to print form, but WordPress also includes these features in the visual editor screen as ‘sticky posts’. To captivate the attention of your first-time visitors through your posts, pin it on the top of your front page. This approach is helpful when the web content is informative, popular, and engaging.

Users can find the sticky post feature in the Publish panel of the visual editor. To make this sticky post visible, create a sticky post; click the Edit link next to Visibility and tick the check box of ‘Stick this post to the front page’. This is how you can create a sticky post.

5.   Posts to Schedule

No worries if users do not want to post the content at this very moment. WordPress has scheduled posts features also to post the content in the future. This leading CMS platform supports scheduling post features for all types of content. Users can get its option in the Publish panel next to the visual editor. Click on edit from the ‘Publish’ option.

After getting a calendar option, specify the date and time on when you want to publish and click the ok, publish and schedule button. As a result, WordPress will schedule your post according to the given date and time.

6.   Image Editing

WordPress has features of image editing. Users can perform basic editing activities like image rotating, cropping, resizing, etc. Save your image editing time by using this feature. There is no requirement for basic editing activities on advanced image editing software.

To edit image files, you need to first navigate the cursor to the Media Library and click on edit image. Then, make relevant adjustments to photos. That is how easy it is to edit images in no time!

7.   Closing Older Comments

Sometimes comments on older posts turn out to be spam or unwanted comments. Hence, you need to remove comments manually. However, WordPress has the feature of closing comments automatically.

It has an in-built feature to close the comment section automatically. To perform this, click on Settings in the WordPress menu bar.

Then, navigate to the discussion menu and click it. You will find a popup menu with different checkboxes in three different sections. In the ‘other comment settings’ section, tick the automatically close comments on posts older than. Days and specify the number of days.

The Bottom Line

WordPress has a plethora of features that make content management an easy task for users. In this post, we have mentioned a few of them. Hopefully,  when you develop the website content next time, you will use these hidden features to enhance the user experience.

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