How to Allow Users to Submit Posts to Your WordPress Site?


Many sites don’t create friendly contact with their customer, clients, and visitors. It’s really difficult for such WordPress Site to progress. Allowing Users to submit posts to the site create a good user-friendly environment. Collectively there can be more posts on the site as well. In this tutorial, the owner will be taught to enable users to submit posts.

Why Allow users to submit posts to the site?

The website can be a unique site that contains the Users Posts as well. Doing this, the site can progress in a rapid way. Trash posts submitted by the users can simply be deleted.  Owner will be able to moderate all of the content like comments and approve the liked one. This can be done easily by the Users without even logging to the site. 

Accept the Users Content Using User Submitted Posts Plugin

  • Login to the Dashboard of the site. Click on the Plugins options at the left side of the page. Then Click on the button Add New.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
  • After Activating the Plugins, Click on the button Settings>>User Submitted Posts.
  • The Plugin Settings will appear, then Click on the Button to enable the feature and Leave it empty to disable it. Hide the field from the visitors.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
Allow Users to Submit Posts.
  • Now, Choose a default author for all the submitted contents. Users can Upload image through it. 
  • Finally, Click on the button Save Changes to Save the changes made in the Settings.
  • The page can now be Published. The owner needs to visit the site to see the Users Submitted Posts.

Wrapping Up

This tutorial Guides all the WordPress Beginners to allow Users to Submit Posts to their WordPress Sites. It can be really helpful to the Startups. Using the Plugin is the simplest method. The Beginners don’t need to have coding knowledge to apply this method. Hope the information was useful. Please leave the recommendations below. Feel free to share.

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