How to Add WordPress Widgets in Accessibility Mode?


First of all, let us know ‘What are WordPress Widgets?’ A WordPress Widget is a small block that performs a specific function. It is created to provide a simple and easy-to-use way of giving design and structural control of WordPress Themes. If the WordPress Widgets are in Accessibility mode than it allows the users to assist technology and screen readers to use AMS more effectively.

Most of the Users are unaware of the fact that there is built-in accessibility mode for widgets in WordPress. In this tutorial, all the WordPress Beginners can know the easiest way to Add widgets in the Accessibility Mode.

Add WordPress Widgets in Accessibility Mode

  • First of all Login to the Dashboard of the site. Users can see the Appearance button at the left bar of the site. Then, Click on the button Widgets in WordPress Admin Area.


  • Then, Users can see the accessibility mode hidden under the screen options menu.
  • In case a user is using a screen reading software and keyboard, then press the L key on the keyboard.
  • Now the User can see Help button Located before Screen Options. Press the tab key and then enter.
  • The one and only ‘Enable accessibility mode’ will appear on the screen. Then Click on the button.


  • It will reload the widgets screen with a new interface. It allows the user to add widgets using Add link.


  • Now the users can open the widget in a single page. Choose the sidebar of widget area to add it in the desired place. Users can also Choose the position of the widget through the position dropdown. At end Press the Save Widget button to Save the changes made.


  • The users will be redirected back to Widgets screen. It will also enable to edit the links. Now the user can Edit the widget settings and remove it by selecting the inactive widgets options.


Wrapping Up

Adding WordPress Widgets in Accessibility Mode is a task of a couple of steps which makes the site more effective and informative. The Beginners don’t need to have any coding knowledge and use any plugin to do the task as per the instruction. Some WordPress Users find it difficult but it’s just the task of a few steps.  

Hope the information was useful. Please leave the recommendations below. Feel free to share.

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