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How to Add Viber Button on your WordPress website?

How to Add Viber Button on your WordPress website?
How to Add Viber Button on your WordPress website?

Viber is an instant messaging and calling app that lets you connect with the people around the world. It allows you to send free text messages, stickers, photos, videos to the people on your contact list. Besides, it can also be used for making free HD phone and video calls to people from different part of the world.

Viber is one of the most popular social media application with more than 900 million registered users from 193 different countries. Its usage is growing day by day due to the high rise of the smartphone (Android and IOS) users.

Since Viber has very high active users and is still growing day by day adding its functionality on the website can provide a great boost to the site’s user engagement. It is because through the Viber button your website user can directly communicate you via instant text or through audio or video call.

How to add Viber Button on your WordPress site?

One of the easiest ways to adding Viber button on your WordPress site is by using WordPress Viber Button Plugins There are only a few numbers of WordPress Viber Buttons Plugins available on the internet and WP Viber Contact Button and Viber Contact Button by web-cude are the popular ones.

Here, in this article, we will use WP Viber Contact Button to add a beautiful Viber button on your WordPress website. It is a simple and user-friendly WordPress Plugin for adding Viber contact button on various places on your WordPress site. It comes with multiple configuration options and lets you customize the button in many ways.

Let’s explore in detail about WP Viber Contact Button Plugin and how can it be added to the WordPress site

Brief Introduction on WP Viber Contact Button Plugin

Best WordPress Viber Contact Button Plugin: WP Viber Contact Button

WP Viber Contact Button is a Premium WordPress Plugin by AccessPress Themes. It allows you to add the Viber button on different locations of your website including on menu option. Besides, you can also add the button using the widget and shortcodes.

It is an easy to use plugin containing powerful customization options to design a stunning Viber button. Additionally, you can also enable the tooltips option that allows you to display brief info of your Viber button upon hovering over them.

Plugin Detail  Plugin Demo  Documentation  Support

Full Features of WP Viber Contact Buttons

  • Fully Responsive
  • 10 Button Templates to Choose from
  • 10 Different Hover Animation Effects
  • Button can be Displayed with Widgets and Shortcodes
  • 8 Different Positions for Button Placement
  • Button can be Added in the Menu Section
  • Color Selection Options for Buttons, Text, Icons, Icon Backgrounds
  • Sticky Button Options
  • Text Only Display Options in Buttons
  • Icons Left/Right Position Configuration Options
  • Tooltip Enable Options
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Compatible with Any WordPress Themes

Get WP Viber Contact Button

WP Viber Button Installation and Setup

Installation of WP Viber Contact Button is similar to the installation process of other plugins. However, since the plugin is premium, you need to pay a reasonable price of $8 to purchase it from our plugin marketplace CodeCanyon.

After, purchasing the plugin you will get a zip file called wp-viber-contact-button.zip that contains the plugin. You need to unzip it and then upload the files to /wp-content/plugins/. Then, activate the plugin through the plugin menu on your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can directly upload the plugin to your WordPress site from the WP Admin Dashboard, then going to Plugins>Add Plugins. Then, there will you will find upload plugin button. From there, you can upload the plugin and install it. After, the plugin is installed click activate button to activate the plugin on your website.

WP Viber Contact Button: Installation Process
WP Viber Contact Button: Installation Process

Setting Up WP Viber Button

After, successfully installing and activating the plugin, check for the WP Viber Contact Button on the left admin menu and click it. Once, you click on the menu you will see the plugin landing page containing various tabs. From here, you can set the content and behaviour of the plugin.

WP Viber Contact Button generally consists of 3 major tabs. They are:-

General Settings

In the general setting, you have various enable/disable options to show/hide various plugin contents. Besides, from this section, you can also choose the templates of your buttons along with the colors, animations, and positions. Moreover, you can also generate the shortcodes for adding the button on any posts, pages or categories.

WP Viber Contact Button: General Settings
WP Viber Contact Button: General Settings

Addon Menu

On this section, you have the option to whether or not to add the Viber button on your site’s menu section. Here, you can define the position of where you want to add the button on the menu section along with the templates and menu options.

WP Viber Contact Button: Addon Menu
WP Viber Contact Button: Addon Menu

Floating Button

This section lets you define on which page/post/category, you want to display your Viber button on. You can directly enable all the pages/posts/categories or choose only the specific ones.

WP Viber Contact Button: Floating Button
WP Viber Contact Button: Floating Button

Major Highlights of WP Viber Contact Button

10 Different Button Templates

WP Viber Button comes with 10 pre-designed buttons templates to choose from. The buttons templates give you an option to choose the perfect Viber button to match the overall templates of your WordPress site.

8 Different Position for Button Placement

The plugin comes with 8 different position options. Hence, you can place your Viber buttons on 8 different places of your website.

Add-On Menu Option

With this option, you can add the Viber Button in the menu section.

Color Selection Option

The color selection option allows you to pick the perfect color for your button to match the overall color of your website.

Display Using Shortcode/Widgets

The Viber button can be displayed by using the shortcodes/widgets means you can place your button on any types of pages, posts or custom post types.

Tooltip Enable Option

The plugin also comes with tooltip option. The tooltips option allows you to display brief info of Viber button when your visitor hovers over the button.

Documentation and Support

The plugin comes with detailed information that includes step by step guideline about the installation, setup, and configuration on its documentation. Here is the link to the detailed documentation of WP Viber Contact Button.

Besides, if there are any issues while using the plugin, then you can contact the support team of AccessPress Themes to help you out. You can contact them through online chat, emails or post your problems into the AccessPress Forum.

Wrapping Up

In recent days, Viber has become a very popular social media application for connecting people around the world. And, WP Viber Contact Button is a perfect plugin for embedding your website with a beautiful and stunning Viber button.

With this plugin, you can keep the users engaged with you and can let them directly contact you with instant messages and calls.

Hope, this article cleared out your queries about how to add Viber button on your website by using WP Viber Contact Button.

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