How to Add Tab Contents on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)

How to Add Tab Contents on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)
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Adding tabs on your WordPress website can be beneficial in many ways. You might want to use tabs on various pages and posts of your website to divide a large portion of contents into different sections. By doing so, you can display your large contents in a well-organized and structured way to make them more convenient to read. Additionally, you can also display the FAQs, screenshots, video tutorials, reviews and testimonials of your WooCommerce product that can act as a perfect Call to Actions of your website.

Tabs can be added on your WordPress website by using WordPress plugins. So, you might need to be careful while picking the right one. Before choosing a WordPress tab plugin for your website, you might consider looking at its features in terms of designs that plugin offers, contents that you can add on your tabs, and positions where you can keep the tabs on your WordPress website.

Here, in this article, we will be using Everest Tab Lite – a free WordPress plugin to show you how to add tab contents on your WordPress website. It contains responsive layouts and different customization options for easily add responsive tabs in no time. Besides, the plugin comes with an inbuilt shortcode generator that will allow you to place your tabs on any page or post of your WordPress website.

With that being said, let’s get started and add responsive tab contents on WordPress website:

Step 1:

Everest Tab Lite - Free WordPress Responsive Tab Plugin

Download Everest Tab Lite from repository. Then, install it on your WordPress website. If you have any difficulties regarding the installation of the plugin then, you can take the help of its documentation or go through the article: How to install a new plugin in WordPress website?

Step 2:

After you have installed the plugin, activate it. Then, you will see “Everest Tab Lite” appear on the left menu of your WordPress backend. Click on it to continue.

You will land to the “All Tab” page that contains all the tabs you have created to date. Copy the shortcode and paste it on your desired location to add any of your existing tab contents.

Everest Tab Lite: All Tabs

If you want to create a new tab for your WordPress website then, click on the “Add New” button available on the page.

Step 3:

You will land to the main page of the plugin where you can create, customize and configure your tabs. It contains 2 different settings section for creating your new tabs. They are Main Settings and Tab Settings. But before, you go for the settings, give the name for your new tab.

The main settings section contains all the configuration and customization options provided by the plugin. It is divided into 3 sub-sections. They are:

General Settings:

Here, you can choose the orientation type and position of your tab.

Everest Tab Lite: General Settings

The free version of the plugin only allows you to add horizontal tabs. So, to unlock the option to add vertical tabs, upgrade the plugin into its premium version: Everest Tab.

Display Settings:

Here, you can select the template for your tab. The plugin comes with 3 pre-designed templates. So, choose the most suitable one for your WordPress website.

Everest Tab Lite: Display Settings

If you want access to more tab templates then, you can upgrade the plugin into its premium version: Everest Tab.


Custom Styling:

Here, you can customize the background color, font color and border color of your tab contents.

Everest Tab Lite: Custom Styling

Step 4:

After you have completed the customization and configuration then, go to tab settings. It contains “Add New Tab” button that allows you to add unlimited number of tabs for your WordPress website.

The tab content will allow you to add the custom label, description and 2 different tab components. The tab components include WYSIWYG editor and custom link.

On WYSIWYG editor component, you can add different elements like text, images, videos etc.

Everest Tab Lite: Tab Settings

On the custom link component, you can add the custom link of any page, post or custom post type of your WordPress website.

How to Add Tab Contents on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)

Step 5:

After you have added the required number of tabs, click on “Preview” button to view the preview of your tabs, “Save Draft” button to save your tab to draft and “Publish” button to make your tab contents live.

Everest Tab Lite: Publish

Step 6:

Then, copy the shortcode generated on the “Shortcode Usage” and paste it anywhere you want to display your tab contents.

Everest Tab Lite: Shortcode Usage

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can add tab contents on WordPress website. So, if you are looking forward to display your contents in an orderly and organized fashion then, you use the above-mentioned plugin and follow the step by step tutorial.

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