How to Add New Users and Authors to your WordPress Blog

How to Add New Users and Authors to Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is a highly efficient content management system, especially in terms of user management. Thereby, it allows us to easily add users and control user management on our blog. If you want to add multiple users to your blog with their roles and capabilities, but are confused how you can do this, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will show you how you can add new users and authors to your WordPress blog.

There are two ways to which you can add users to your website or blog :

  • Open your Site for User Registration
  • Manually Add Users

Method 1 Open your Site for User Registration

1. In your WordPress Admin Area, go to Settings>General.

2. In the ‘Membership’ section, check on “Anyone can register”.

3. In the ‘New User Default’ Role section choose a role(Administrator, Subscriber, Editor, User, Contributor).

How to Add New Users and Authors to Your WordPress Blog

Method 2 Manually Add Users

1. Go to Users>Add New.

2.Fill the form that appears, as shown in the screenshot below.

How to add users and authors to your WordPress Blog

3. In the “Role” Option, you can assign the following roles to your new user :

Administrator: An Administrator has the complete authority to do anything in your blog. The person with this role can add, edit, delete, change, install literally anything on your blog. Thereby, you should assign this role only to those people who can be trusted with the resources of your blog.

Editor: An editor is a user role that allows the user to add, delete, edit, publish the posts of their own as well as of others. Their authority is limited to only posts and cannot access anything beyond.

Author: Authors can add, edit, and publish their own posts.

Contributor: Contributors can add and edit posts but cannot publish them.

Subscriber: Subscribers cannot contribute anything to your site, all they can do is –

  • view your site
  • submit comments, and
  • download content from your site.

4. Once you have selected the role you want to assign to the new user, click on “Add New User” and you are good to go.

Wrapping Up,

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