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How to add Mega Menu on WordPress Website Using AP Mega Menu plugin? (Step by Step Guide)


If you are thinking of improving the navigation of your WordPress website by upgrading it to something beautiful and well organized then, you are at the right place. Here, in this article, we will be discussing a short tutorial of how to add mega menu on your site using a free WordPress plugin – AP Mega Menu. But before we go through the tutorial, a few things about how adding a mega menu makes your website’s navigation better and effective.

A navigation menu is one of the most essential elements for a WordPress website. It is the first thing that your audiences check after entering your website in search of their required contents. So, if the navigator of your WordPress website is boring and clumsy then, it might drive your traffic away in minutes which may result in high bounce rate of your site. However, it does not mean you need to create an extremely fancy menu to keep hold of your visitors. You just need a simple yet informative menu that can hold the links of all your important contents to make your audience engaged on your website.

WordPress, being a flexible CMS to its users comes with an inbuilt menu option that lets you add dropdown submenus and images. However, these features might not be enough if you are running a content heavy website. So, in order to hold the links of all important contents of your WordPress website, upgrading the default menu into a mega menu can be an ideal option. It is a type of navigation menu that can store a large number of information and contents that makes the navigation of your website easier and effective.

How to add Mega Menu on your WordPress website?

Mega menu option, being an important feature nowadays for any website comes inbuilt on different premium WordPress templates such as Avada, BeThemes, The7, Vmagazine, Swing, Parallaxsome Pro, etc. However, if the WordPress template you are using on your website does not have inbuilt mega menu options then, you can add it by using the WordPress mega menu plugins available.

Here, in this article, we will be using AP Mega Menu – a free WordPress mega menu plugin to show you how to add mega menu on your website.

So, let’s get started and add a beautiful mega menu on your WordPress website:

Installation and Activation: AP Mega Menu

AP Mega Menu - Free WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Download AP Mega Menu from WordPress repository for free. After you have downloaded the plugin, install it on your WordPress website. If you need any help regarding the installation of the plugin, you can check its documentation or the article: How to Install New Plugin to the WordPress Site.

Now, in your WordPress dashboard, you will see “AP Mega Menu” on the left side menu. Click on it.

General Settings

You will land on the “General Settings” tab on the AP Mega Menu plugin. It consists of different settings to configure the behaviour and animations of your mega menu. Also, this tab contains menu options for mobile as well.

AP Mega Menu: General Settings

Image Settings

Then, go to the next tab – “Image Settings”. Here, you can select the size of the images you want to display on your mega menu. Also, you can choose the custom icons and set its width.

AP Mega Menu: Image Settings

If you are looking to add custom icons on your WordPress menu then, check out the collection: Top 3 WordPress Custom Menu Icons Plugins (Features Compared)


Now copy the shortcodes present on the “Shortcodes” tab. Then, paste on any page or posts on your WordPress website to display the mega menu.

AP Mega Menu: Shortcodes

Themes Settings

AP Mega Menu comes with the functionality to create your own custom design for mega menu. You can configure all the options available to design a stunning mega menu for your WordPress website.

AP Mega Menu: Custom Template Options

Upgrading Default WordPress Menu Into Mega Menu Using AP Mega Menu

Once you have completed the configuration of your mega menu, save it. Then, go to Appearance > Menus to upgrade the default WordPress menu into the mega menu. You will see “Select AP Mega Menu Settings”, enable it to integrate your mega menu with default WordPress. Besides, you can also assign the orientation of the menu, set the trigger option, transitions and choose the pre-designed skins for your mega menu.

AP Mega Menu: Adding WordPress Menu Using AP Mega Menu

You can also configure and customize the menu option category wise by hovering over a menu category and clicking on “AP Mega Menu” button that appears upon hovering over.

AP Mega Menu: Category Wise Configuration Options

For additional features, you can upgrade this plugin into its premium version – WP Mega Menu Pro.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can upgrade the default WordPress menu into a mega menu.

The mega menu plugins are useful for adding beautiful menus with lots of information. Adding them on your WordPress website can provide a great boost in user experience and engagement rate. So, if you are interested in adding a mega menu on your WordPress website then, you can follow this tutorial.

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