How to Add the Live Chat Plugin on WordPress

How to Add the Live Chat Plugin on WordPress

There are quite a lot of sources offering live chat features as ready-made plugins available in the WordPress database. Instead of sharing the code of implying live chat WordPress plugin, it is much more convenient to create a separate library. Supported features can be added even by a non-proficient person who makes a website for the first time. It is not a problem to set the live chat on your website. Despite having several steps, it is easy to complete.

First step: preliminary preparations

In order to add a live chat plugin WordPress supports, create or set up the account on the corresponding platform. Proceed through simple steps of registration or logging in and check the status of your traffic plan. If everything is okay, you can go on and return to the WordPress tab. If you experience any difficulties, look at how to install chatbox on a WordPress website article for a reference.

Second step: adding the WordPress

If you want to add live chat WordPress works with, there should not arise any difficulties in its compliance with the platform you are up to develop. Just visit the dashboard of the WordPress menu and search there for the “Plugins” section. Then you will be able to see the menu where you can switch on and off the added features. Sure thing, search for new ones through clicking on the “Add new” button. There the whole assortment of WordPress live chat plugins free for usage will be shown as per personal preference.

Third step: picking the proper plugin

It is difficult to answer the question of what is the best live chat plugin for WordPress. Moreover, it mostly depends on the user’s experience and needs. When you decide on the best possible solution for you in the free live chat plugin for WordPress. Find from recommended ones or through a search by keywords. You can simply click on “Install now” and, after this action is finished, activate it by pressing the corresponding button.

Fourth step: regulating the settings

Before you can set the parameters related to the outer image of the WordPress live chat plugin box or so, you should go to the appeared option of connected service at the bottom of the dashboard menu and log in there into a prepared beforehand account. Then you will be able to see the list of widgets the plugin offers and their settings to set the chat triggers and looks to your liking.

Fifth step: test for checking the work

As any usage requires final checks before actual work, it is highly recommended to ask someone to send a text message or file. If everything was done correctly, the plugin will transfer the information to the desktop or mobile client. It is transferred to corresponding service without any delays that may sometimes occur due to improper installation or invalid coding. With this action, you can be one hundred percent sure in the plugin installed and service. In general, to operate smoothly and satisfy the customers who can ask there for help by quick responses to their questions about website features or offered products.

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