How to Add Floating Menu on WordPress Website? (Step by Step Guide)

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Do you want to add custom navigation menus on your WordPress website? Adding menus on the different locations will not only play a significant role in improving the navigation of your website but also enables your visitors to get quick access to your site’s contents. In doing so, you keep your visitors engage with web contents and decrease the bounce rate of your website. Additionally, keeping your visitors engaged on your contents can significantly boost the chances of getting more conversions and click through.

By default, many WordPress templates come with predesigned menu locations and layouts. However, if the theme you are using on your WordPress website does not have this feature then, you can add it using the WordPress plugins available. Here, in this article, we will show you to add a sticky navigation menu on your WordPress website using a WordPress plugin.

The plugin, we will be using is WP Floating Menu. It is a free WordPress plugin that comes with 2 in 1 option to create one-page navigation menu or a sticky menu for your website. Utilizing the designs and settings offered by the plugin, you can quickly add an extra sticky side menu or a one-page navigator on your WordPress website.

With that being said, let’s get this step by step tutorial started:

Step 1:

WP Floating Menu Lite

Download WP Floating Menu Lite from repository for free. Then, install it on your WordPress website. If you have any difficulties while installing the plugin then, you can refer to its documentation or go through the article: How to install a new plugin in WordPress website?

Step 2:

After you have installed the plugin on your WordPress website, activate it. Then, you will be able to see “WP Floating Menu” on the left admin menu of your WordPress backend. Click on it.

You will land on the “Floating Menu” page where you can add your navigation menu. To add a new floating menu for your WordPress website, click on “Add New Menu”.

Floating Menu

Step 3:

You will settings page of the plugin. Give the menu name to add your menu. Then, add as many menu items as you want by inserting the page URL and link text.

Add New Navigation Menu

Then, customize the navigation label, title attribute, tooltip title, and target link for each of your menu items. Also, you can add the custom icons for each menu items from any of the 3 inbuilt menu icons set.

Menu Structure

Step 4:

Then, go to the next tab that contains the display settings. Here, you can choose the any of the 5 built-in floating menu templates or add your own custom template.

Also, you can set the position of your menu bar.

Display Setting

After you are done, click on “Save Menu”.

Step 5:

Then, go to “Menu Settings” to enable your floating menu. Besides, you can enable/disable your floating menu for mobile devices, choose the default menu of your website and choose the location where you want to show your sticky menu.

Menu Options

Then, click on “Save Settings” to save your editing made.

Wrapping Up

This way, you can add floating menu on WordPress website. These menus can play an effective role in improving the navigation of your website and make your website easy to navigate. So, if you want to add floating menu on WordPress website then, you can use the above-mentioned plugin for free and follow this step by step tutorial.

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