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How to Add Author Bio Box on WordPress Blogs? (Step by Step Guide)

How to Add Author Bio Box on WordPress Blogs? (Step by Step Guide)
How to Add Author Bio Box on WordPress Blogs? (Step by Step Guide)

Including an author bio box at the end of your WordPress blogs/article page is one of the best ways to let your readers know who is actually behind content creation. By doing so, you can significantly enhance the credibility of your WordPress blogs as well as create the authenticity of your author among the users. Moreover, adding social media icon links along the author bio box lets your audience to establish the connection with your authors which can play a major role in boosting his/her fan following on the social media network.

An author bio box, being an important element for a website that publishes blogs/articles comes with inbuilt options or is integrated on different types of WordPress themes like Avada, Newspaper, Vmagazine, etc. However, there are many WordPress themes that do not support the author box by default or may have limited feature for adding author bio. If you are using such type of themes then, you can add it by using the WordPress author bio box plugins available. These plugins come with varieties of features, layouts and customization options to design and add beautiful author bio box on your WordPress blogs.

Here, in this article, we will be using a free WordPress author box pluginUltimate Author Box Lite to present you a short tutorial for adding author bio box on WordPress blog.

So, let’s get started and add a beautiful and elegant author bio box step by step in your WordPress blog:

Step 1:

Free WordPress Author Bio Box Plugin – Ultimate Author Box Lite

Download Ultimate Author Box Lite from repository for free. Then, install and activate the plugin. If you need any help with the installation of the plugin, then you can refer to its documentation or go through the article: How to install a new plugin in WordPress website?

Step 2:

Now, in the WordPress dashboard, you will see “Ultimate Author Box Lite” on the left menu. Click on it to start customizing your author bio box.

It consists of 4 different settings section. They are:

General Settings

Here, you can enable/disable the author box from the frontend entirely, show/hide author box on pages and posts, and choose the display position of your author box. Also, you can show/hide your author box if its biographical info is empty, display default biological info or set the custom author box message.

Ultimate Author Box Lite - General Settings

Permission Settings

From here, you can manage the user permission to whom you want to enable the author box user field access. The user role includes Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. Enable/disable any of the user role as per your requirements.

Ultimate Author Box Lite - Permission Settings

Layout Settings

Here, you can choose any of the 5 pre-designed templates to display your author bio box. Also, you can add extra CSS code if you need any types of additional field on your chosen template. Besides, you can also create your own custom template created by using the custom CSS code. If you want more templates then, upgrade the plugin to its premium version – Ultimate Author Box.

Ultimate Author Box Lite: Layout Settings

Custom Settings

Here, you can customize the colors of your author box template.

Ultimate Author Box Lite: Custom Settings

Step 3:

After you have finished customization of your author box, save it. Then, go to User>>Profile and choose the author of whom you want to display the author box.

After, you have selected the user, go to “Ultimate Author Box Lite Settings” and fill up information of your author and his/her company. Also, choose the image for the author. You can either use the gravatar, import the image from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram profile or choose a custom image. Then, add the social media links of the supported 10+ social media icons. After you are done click on “Update Profile” to save all your changes.

Ultimate Author Box Lite: Profile Settings

For additional features, you can upgrade this plugin into its premium version – Ultimate Author Box.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you can add author bio box on your WordPress blog. The author box will play a major role in boosting the credibility of your blogs as well as provide the required exposure to your website authors. Therefore, if you want to add a beautiful and informative author bio box on your WordPress blog then, you can use this WordPress plugin and follow the step by step tutorial.

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