8 Ways To Boost Your WooCommerce SEO

8 Ways to Boost your WooCommerce SEO

Do you want to boost your WooCommerce SEO? If yes, go through this article to find out 8 easy and effective ways to do it.

WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that is used to develop e-commerce websites. It has reached the vast population of online merchants and developers when it comes to developing an online shop.

The tools and plugins supported for WordPress and WooCommerce SEO make the development far easier and quicker. The pages created using these are highly optimized for best performance.

Boost Your WooCommerce SEO

In order to add an extra touch, one can always use a premium version of the plugins to get the most out of them. Some of the best ways to speed up your WooCommerce SEO are as follows:


8 Ways To Boost Your WooCommerce SEO

Website development for online merchants becomes very easy with WooCommerce. There are many plugins that are available. Choose the WordPress Plugin that provides all the necessary features that are best suited according to business needs. It should be able to enhance titles, meta description, guidance for text readability, content linkage, keyword usage, and generate breadcrumbs. If these are missed, a good plugin should let the developer know to add these features to enhance the platform.

Optimized headlines

It is always good to use short and easily understandable headlines for each product. Also, the categories and tags should be developed with ease so that the customer should be able to browse the content hassle-free. Using headlines appropriately enhances the overall ranking in Google too. It should be unique, attractive, and eye-catching. Headlines should have an exact description and not gibberish. Using tools like CoSchedule’s headline optimizer will be of great help to generate a quality headline. This will be good to go if you are looking forward to having a good rank across the search results.

Unique product description

It is very important that our most used keywords are spread throughout our content. The best way to use it more and more is to put it in product descriptions. This will help to focus on the topic and remind users what the product is about and how it is in accordance with the e-commerce platform. The product description should be eye-catching and to the point. It should not have long texts written, as it can be boring to the person who will refer to it to buy the products on your website. This can be very helpful to boost your WooCommerce SEO.

Clean site structure and logical URLs

When developing an e-commerce site, one needs to keep in mind how the structure of the site will be. Users should be able to browse the pages easily. All the product pages should be accessible by 3-4 clicks at most. One of the best methods is to properly categorize each product on the page. Using breadcrumbs is one of the best ways to do this. Navigation of the website should be meaningful so that the customers can easily navigate to parent pages.

Next important thing is to use meaningful URLs. Using a URL like www.dairy.com/curd is far easier to understand and know about the product rather than by www.dairy.com/cgvcznvn. Also, the browsing URL can be better if we use www.dairy.com/frozen/milkshake rather than using www.dairy.com/item/I001. A good URL structure shows the reflection of the overall navigation structure of the merchant site. WooCommerce permalink manager can be used for this as well. This way, customers can easily navigate to parent pages.

Rich snippet usage

When creating the WooCommerce site, it is always preferred to use rich snippets. This will help Google users to find your product page with ease. Rich snippets are the key elements of the page that you wish to stay at the top of the search engine results page. Adding details like reviews, rankings, stars given to a particular item, what customers are buying, which products have been offered; all will be seen by the customers hovering on your company’s site. Plugins like All In One Schema Rich Snippets can be used to keep the development simple. It allows creating rich snippets, checking if it is working properly, and making necessary changes if required or asked by the business. 

Highly optimized for low speed

According to a recent study, it has been seen that if there is even one second of slow response on a website, it results in a 7-8% depreciation in the ranking and traffic. If this keeps on adding up and yours is a highly popular website with a vast network of users, the overall ranking diminishes a lot. It can cause a good amount of loss in the business revenue and keeps on adding up every year if not controlled on time. Site speed is a highly important factor whether the user is using a PC or any handheld device or residing in an area of high or low speed. One of the best ways to overcome this issue is the usage of WooCommerce SEO in WordPress. 

This is by far the most advanced technology to develop e-commerce platforms. A load of pages and time were taken to open a page can be analyzed and checked by the developers. A free tool that can be used to monitor these is the WebPagetest site. It gives a benchmark to not go beyond that line. It can be used to improve site speed, load performance, etc. Another way to improve speed is the usage of premium servers rather than shared servers. Shared servers host many small websites and the load of the network is balanced among them. This will affect the websites created with a huge number of products and reach out to the mass. Better site structure/navigation, keywords, tags can also add an extra touch to improve the performance.

Adding internal links to prioritize the  pages

When the site is in the development phase, the developers focus on the effort of creating the internal links. This will result in Google knowing how well the site is developed and thus improve the overall SEO rank. When the developers create the blogs, homepage, landing pages, product pages, developing and adding payment methods, etc, they need to think about how the search engines will read those links included in the site. When a good WooCommerce SEO plugin is used for the development, it suggests the links too. Also, it guides for any broken link that is not present on the site but has a hyperlink attached. This broken link can result in an error like a page not found and can hamper the site ranking. 

Image Optimization

It is very necessary that the e-commerce website that is developed has a seamless browsing experience. It should not lag at all, and the user should not face slowness in image loading or video or media playing. Also, it should work in an area where slow connectivity is there with minimum lag. One of the best ways to reduce the overall weight of your page is to optimize the graphical content of the page.

Avoid using lots of videos on your web pages. Also, optimize the images that are used on the site. Optimization should be done in such a way that the resolution of the image doesn’t affect the image quality. It’s preferred to use a good plugin that can do the needful without losing any pixels. This way, the size and load of the website will be reduced to fewer loads on the servers as well. This will also improve the overall WooCommerce SEO ranking in the search results.

WooCommerce SEO by Rank Math is one of the most preferred plugins in 2022. It comes up with all the features mentioned above. Easy to install, has a clean user interface, and provides the desired plugin for all the fields. It has the capability to change the descriptions present in the products into the content of the schema. Also, it has the capability to read the product reviews and ratings and present them in the search result for the products. If you are looking for the best way to boost your WooCommerce store, don’t forget to install this plugin. It will help you in boosting the SEO of your site, and also will recommend you to solve any error on the site. 

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